Wish On a Clover and Play Best Irish Themed Slots

  • Gamblers across the globe love Irish-themed slots the most
  • It is believed that symbols of Ireland bring luck and wealth
  • What are the best games to play to prove this fact?

Playing the best Irish themed slots makes sense as symbols of this country are believed to bring good fortune. Try our picks featuring lucky symbols that are popular in Ireland and let clover leaves with leprechauns to help you win.

Slots following the Irish motifs are one of the most popular at both land-based casinos and gambling sites. They can boast of having dozens of themed games at each and every online casino in the UK. Such a big interest in Irish-themed slots is not surprising as it is believed that the country’s symbols like clover leaves, harps, or elves bring luck to your side.

To help you find a way around numerous gambling games, we listed the 5 best Irish themed slots for you. Here are our picks that are worth playing at least once.

Stacks O’ Gold is among the best-ranked slots

The very first Irish-themed game slot you should try is Stacks O’Gold by iSoftGame. It can win your heart for a number of reasons, including high-quality visuals and positive vibes of the game. To win Stacks O’Gold, you have to collect detailed drawn symbols representing coins, golden clovers, leprechauns’ hats, glasses of traditional beer, horseshoes, and special wild images. Also, the 5-reel format of this slot differs from standard square-shaped screens, which makes it stand out from the rest games.

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Another big plus is surprisingly calm music as traditional Irish motifs are mostly loud and cheerful. However, Stacks O’Gold is not a good choice to relax but to win too. Its RTP is almost 97%, which is a great rate. In our humble opinion, this is the best Irish-themed slot ever that is available at Betsafe Casino.

Listen to Leprechaun Song to learn some winning tips

One of the best Irish themed slots is Leprechaun Song by Pragmatic Play. Leprechauns aka small bearded elves are an essential part of the local folklore. According to legends, every leprechaun has a pot of gold he must give away to anyone who captures him. This is actually the plot of the Leprechaun Song slot: to win the biggest jackpot, you have to catch this little man or his personal belongings such as a glass of frothy beer, a green hat, and a wooden smoking pipe.

The 5-reel slot game has a pretty simple design but it is exciting to play thanks to traditional music and colorful images of leprechauns. Its RTP is 96.4%, so you can prove the fact that Irish elves bring luck.

2020 best Irish themed slots: Emerald Isle

If you are a fan of America and its themed games, you may wonder why Emerald Isle is on this list. Emerald Isle is mostly known as the US city in North Carolina, but it is also one of the nicknames of Ireland. Why? This European country is famous for its green valleys and hills, so this name fits it really well. Play the slot game of the same name to see why. Emerald Isle is a colorful slot with a beautiful background and relaxing music. 5 reels and 20 pay lines of the slot contain traditional Irish symbols: clovers, pots of gold, rainbows. Fairy red-haired elves are the highest winning symbols who will guide you to victory.

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Patrick’s Jackpot has a high RTP rate

Patrick’s Jackpot is not only one of the best Irish themed slots, but one of the most payable in 2020. For example, you can win the £258,019 jackpot for playing this slot at Betsafe Casino. In general, Patrick’s Jackpot offers an RTP of up to 97%, which makes it a high-profitable game to play.

The slot itself is a typical Irish-themed game made in its best traditions. Cheerful local music, fifty shades of green, and seas of beer make the slot a bit stereotypical, but still fun to play. You have to collect images of horseshoes, smoking pipes, beer glasses, and gold to win cash. If you grab a special clover symbol, you can hit the jackpot or win free spins thanks to a rainbow.

Luck O’ the Irish is among the best Irish themed slots

Playing Luck O’ the Irish will help you to satisfy your interest in getting familiar with local motifs and lifestyle. It has a standard set of symbols to collect on pay lines – beer, toadstool, lucky amulettes, gold – so you might be disappointed at first. As visuals are not the strongest side of this slot game, why should you try it?

Besides the 94.5% RTP, Luck O’ the Irish can also boast of 40(!) pay lines and 4×5 reels. Also, you can activate the Fortune Spins option to get 4 extra reels and enhance your winning chances. It will be definitely interesting to play, won’t it?

You can discover more about Betsafe Casino here.

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