J for Jackpot: Best Joker Themed Slots to Play


Posted: May 26, 2020

Updated: May 26, 2020

  • Joker is the most-known symbol in gambling
  • His symbol is the luckiest one in card games and slots
  • What slots featuring Joker are worth playing the most?

If his name is not just empty words for you, play the best Joker themed slots. This classic character is not only an iconic movie villain but also a symbol of luck in gambling. The Joker card is the highest in a deck and his image is the most profitable in slots, so follow Mr. J to hit the jackpot online.

All gambling games featuring Joker are considered classic and slots are not an exception. Originally a trump card in Euchre, Joker quickly spread from the US to other countries and gaming activities, including poker, pitch, spades. In slots, the image of Joker is a mark of the biggest winning and we will show you the most profitable picks to play.

Before we start, have you already tried slot games featuring Aztecs based on legends about their gold? If not, play the best games on this topic and probably you will be the one to find lost treasures of a king. Now, let’s switch to the one who stays above the King.

best Joker themed slots

Play Joker’s Riches in 2020

The first Joker-themed slot on our list is the newest game by High 5 Games. Released in 2020, Joker’s Riches is a high-quality slot with 5 reels, 10 pay lines, and the RTP of 96%. Once you choose this game to play, you will be welcomed by three females in Joker suits. They will help you to win during the whole game, filled with Kings, Queens, and other standard card symbols you have to hunt. The minimum jackpot in Joker’s Riches is really small at casinos in the UK, while the payout is up to 2000x to a deposit. 

Mystery Joker is the simplest one to play

Mystery Joker is a good pick from the best Joker themed slots list. This game has two advantages above others: simplicity and good feedback. Mystery Joker has one of the highest user rates among all slots featuring Mr. J. At the same time, even green gamblers will understand how to play it as Mystery Joker is the classiest slot in a good way.

To win money via this slot, all you have to do is collect fruits, bells, or Joker hats within 3×3 reels. Every match gives bonuses, while having Joker’s stuff means getting free spins. The line above the screen will give you tips and explanations about your winnings, that’s why Mystery Joker is so good for newcomers in gambling.

best Joker themed slots
Not this joker – or is it?

Best Joker themed slots: Sizzling Hot

Sizzling Hot Jokers Online Slot is a relatively new game by 888 developers. Available at their casino site, the slot game offers a progressive jackpot, a high return to player rate, and an exciting gaming process. Sizzling Hot Jokers follows a standard Joker-game set of images that includes fruits, 7s, lucky symbols. There is no Mr. J himself, but he will be watching you from the game logo. The game has 5 reels and 10 pay lines, so it shouldn’t be difficult to collect the winning combination.

Find Joker Gems to win

Joker Gems by Mobile First is not the common game featuring his images and fruits. This is a modern-designed slot with 5 reels, where you have to collect diamonds of different sizes and colors. They all belong to Joker, who can either help you hit the biggest jackpot or be greedy to give away his gems. You will spin reels while seeing a beautiful space background and listening to the relaxing music. This is probably the most unusual Joker themed slot, but still worth attention.

The Joker Gems slot has a fixed payout of 10.000, 20.000, and 50.000 and you can win them unlimited times. The RTP is 96.3%, which makes your winning chances higher than average. 

Try Jokerrizer for the highest RTP

Jokerrizer by Yggdrasil is a must-try for everyone who aims for being the number one – as well as Mr. J. The 2016 video slot is one of the best Joker themed slots with the highest profit among all games. Jokerrizer has 10 pay lines and 5×3 reels to let you hit the jackpot. Collect grapes, cherries, bells, and lucky numbers to win some cash, and don’t forget about Mr. J who gives away the biggest money. The slot has an RTP from 88% to 98%, which makes it one of the most profitable games to play. It is important to choose the right casino with the highest payouts, so we recommend visiting 888casino. Here you can find not only one of the best RTPs but all Joker games from our list.

You can discover more about 888Casino here.

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