Find Gold at Home: Best Aztec Themed Slots to Play Online

  • Aztec themed slots are very popular at online casino sites
  • There are legends about Aztec Gold and we know how to find it
  • Play 5 best-ranked slots featuring the Aztec Empire and win cash
best Aztec themed slots

Myths and legends about Aztec Gold are still living among historians and firing archeologists’ imagination. Meanwhile, we know a more reliable way to thrive on the legacy of this ancient empire. Just play one of the 5 best Aztec themed slots and win real money right from your couch.

Along with old China themed slots and games featuring Greek mythology, the Aztec Empire is a popular topic in gambling. Thanks to the legend about an Aztec king, who is supposed to leave behind his treasures, this ancient civilization is still on everyone’s lips. The gambling industry is not an exception to this rule too.

There are hundreds and thousands of slots featuring the Aztec gold theme available online, but are they all worth playing? Not at all. Therefore, we have ranked the best Aztec themed slots with the highest RTP ratio and great visuals to make you enjoy playing them.

Try the Mystery Of Aztecs slot 

Mystery Of Aztecs is a slot game that fully warrants its name. It recreates the scariest legends about the ancient empire on 5 reels placed right in the heart of jungles. 100 pay lines of the slot are filled with creepy masks that really existed years ago and were used by Aztecs. Besides them, you will have to collect special symbols designed in the form of ruins, abandoned places, and vegetation while playing Mystery Of Aztecs. The tribal music will be a cherry on top during your journey to the past. Remember that you can find a profit of 3000x double to your deposit, so let this information be your guide.

best Aztec themed slots
Try these mysterious slots!

Pass the Golden Quest

Golden Quest stands out from the best Aztec themed slots as an exciting 5×3 reel and 10 pay lines game. This high-quality slot is the newest offer to the Aztec Empire history fans as it was developed in 2020. Therefore, Golden Quest has great and detailed visuals, high speed of play, and lots of bonuses for everyone. Collect icons of gold treasures, Aztec masks, and female Indiana Jones prototype to win 5-15 free spins and hit the main jackpot. You can find this slot available at 1xBet Casino with welcome bonuses to spend on the game.

Best Aztec themed slots: Coins

The Aztec Coins slot is a 5-reel and 50 pay line game providing a grand jackpot of 100.000x to your stake. This is one of the most profitable slot games to play, but this isn’t it. Aztec Coins is also a sight for sore eyes thanks to its visuals and animation. Once you decide to find legendary golden coins of Aztecs, you will travel to a secret cave full of treasures and tongues of flames. To achieve the goal, make spins, collect images of local people, ancient temples, and priceless artifacts to win cash in a real-life.

Play the most unusual Aztec slot

One of the latest slots featuring the empire is Aztec Bonanza. The gambling game was released in 2020 but has already won people’s hearts. It differs from most Aztec slots by its visuals and design; the game looks futuristic and doesn’t try to recreate the spirit of the past times. Aztec Bonanza has a 5×6 reel structure filled with neon-lightened symbols of card suits, stars, and other elements. Colorful Aztec statues and lost treasures serve as the interior in a giant cave.

best Aztec themed slots
Do you like aztecs?

As one of the best Aztec themed slots, Bonanza has an RTP of 96.5% and almost 8.000 winning ways. Some online casinos in Australia offer this slot to play and give bonuses to new gamblers.

Do you want to find Aztec Temple Treasures?

The Aztec Temple Treasures is another slot launched recently. Microgaming created this 5-reel slot in 2019, but it has already become one of the best. With an RTP of 96% and great visuals, Aztec Temple Treasures had no chance to stay in the shadow.

To win the game, you have to collect images of Aztec treasures, local food, animals, and special symbols with an ancient temple in the background. You can switch to the option of autoplay to simply enjoy your adventure through history without affecting the winning chances. 

Good news – you can find all the best Aztec themed slots at one online casino site.

Visit 1xBet Casino to find treasures of the past!

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