5 Best Ancient Greece Themed Slots


Posted: May 21, 2020

Updated: May 21, 2020

  • Ancient civilization-themed slot machines are extremely popular
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There are so many slot games featuring ancient civilization themes, so even experienced gamblers can get lost. Today, we will help you to choose the best ancient Greece themed slots that are worth trying.

Ancient-themed slots are probably the most popular and prevailing at any casino site. Rome, Greece, Egypt, China, Aztec – here are just a few examples of themed games featuring great empires of the past. We are going to select the best slot games showing each civilization, so let’s start with Greek mythology.

Our first pick is Fortunes of Sparta

Probably, most people know the story of Sparta at least thanks to the movie 300. If you want to dig into its history, try playing Fortunes of Sparta. This is one of the best ancient Greece themed slots featuring epic soundtrack and thematic symbols. Here you will meet great Spartan warriors, beautiful women, armor, weapons, and trophies. In other words, this slot game has everything related to ancient history.

The game is available at online casinos in the UK including 888, where you can also find other games from our list.

Medusa and Medusa 2 are worth trying too

Popular slot Medusa and its sequel are among the most interesting games to play online. The original slot follows the story of the most famous among Gorgons. The 5×3 slot has various symbols you can remember from her legend: snakes, arrows, golden jewels, coins with Gorgo, and Medusa herself. The image of Pantheon is a cherry on top. 

The improved version of the Medusa slot slightly differs from its predecessor. It introduces stone soldiers as victims of Gorgon, and basic card symbols. The game design is darker, but those who manage to win will be rewarded. Collect 5 matching symbols to increase your stake in 200-400 times.

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Best ancient Greece themed slots: Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is not only a slot featuring the Ancient Greece topic; it is also the game with the highest payout ($60,830.11). The NetEnt slot is also remarkable thanks to beautiful music and distinguished old-style design. To win this 5-reel game, you have to collect symbols representing elements of Greek mythology. Here you will meet Medusa, the Nemean lion, the Cretan Bull, and Eagle of Zeus, who guide you to victory. To our mind, Divine Fortune is one of the most beautiful slots available for Greek history lovers.

Gods of Gold slot offers the highest jackpot

The Gods of Gold game found its place among the best ancient Greece themed slots for two reasons. Firstly, it is one of the highest-ranked slots with a 4.4/5 rate at various reputable casinos. The game can boast with great visuals and music along with a truly epic introduction. Here you have to collect a pay line of Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology, heavy stone blocks with symbols carved on them, and several bonuses. Playing Gods of Gold gives true ancient Greece vibes, so it is better to try than to read about.

By the way, the game was developed by 888 and is available exclusively at 888casino. The casino also offers the highest daily jackpot of $12,313.86 and this is the other reason to play Gods of Gold now.

Play Ancient Fortunes to feel Greek vibes

Ancient Fortunes: Zeus slot is our fifth pick to play to feel Greek vibes. It is one of the best ancient Greece themed slots developed by Microgaming. The game is worth playing mostly for its visuals. You have to collect various coins with Gods, mythological beasts, and lightning symbols that look very realistic. Zeus will be looking at you during the whole gaming process to guarantee a fair play. The game features a standard 5-reel and 10 pay line structure, while its RTP is 96%.

Follow our online gambling news in the UK to learn about the other great civilizations. Lists of ancient Roman and Egyptian mythologies are coming soon!

You can discover more about these slots here at 888Casino.

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