Here Are 3 Keno Winning Strategies to Help You Play Smart

  • Learn about the best Keno strategies to make a profit
  • We have collected 3 useful tips that can help you win
  • If you don’t know how to play Keno, read our guide
keno winning strategies

Like any other gambling game, Keno has its own approaches to hitting the main jackpot. Do you want to evaluate your winning chances and improve them if needed? Here are the best Keno winning strategies and secret tactics that will help you to play this game smartly.

Once you learn how to play Keno, you must be interested in discovering the best gambling tactics to win this game. Yet Keno is a game of chance where you rely mostly on your luck, there are some tips that can help you to pick the right numbers. So, what should you do to hit the jackpot in Keno?

keno winning strategies
Test your luck!

Where to play Keno to win

Firstly, it is important to know where to play Keno to increase winning chances. The choice of the right place is half of success, so don’t omit this step. To have a high chance of hitting the jackpot, pay attention to 2 things. Check the reliability of a casino and omit suspicious websites. Also, take into account the number of payouts offered by a casino.

Most online casinos in China fit both of these criteria. All gambling sites are highly-ranked and safe to play. If you decide to play Keno using one of these online casinos, your winning chances will double. In addition, Keno is one of the most popular Asian gambling games, so its varieties are available almost everywhere. Now, let’s see what else you can do to play Keno smartly.

Top-3 best keno winning strategies

1 – Choose games with good payouts

The very first thing you can do before playing Keno is picking the right game. Like any other casino activity, Keno has many variations fitting every taste. However, don’t let casinos trick yourself by exciting and pretentious Keno games – pick the ones with the best payouts.

Most online casinos including 1xBet Casino offer you to bet on up to 20 numbers. You will learn later about the optimal numbers of picks you should do, but now let’s focus on payouts. Depending on how many numbers you choose, there are different sums paid. For example, if you wager on a single number, you will get 1 to 1 payout in case of winning as it is easy to guess just one pick out of 20. The more you bet on, the more you receive back if the right numbers are drawn. If you wager on 5 numbers and guess one, you will be given 0.5 to 1. If you guess them all, you should be paid out no less than 50 to 1. Always check the best rates before you start the game, otherwise, your efforts will be vain.

keno winning strategies
Have you ever played Keno?

2 – Use bonuses to play Keno

Another smart decision would be using bonuses on Keno. Actually, this approach is applicable not only to Keno winning strategies but to all casino/lottery games. However, Keno is easier to win than most casino games as it offers a quite wide range of winning possibilities. 

Once you sign up for a casino, you receive either welcome or first-deposit bonuses or even both. You can read about all existing casino bonuses to know when you can claim ones and how to spend them. Playing with bonuses means playing for free, so it will be a good start to get used to the game and understand its principles. 

3 – Don’t pick many numbers

The most important of all Keno winning strategies is a low-key approach to crossing numbers. As you remember, you can usually pick up to 20 numbers out of 80 before the randomizer shows the winning ones. However, the best approach would be to pick less than 20 numbers and stop at crossing out 4-9.

You probably wonder why you shouldn’t pick 20 numbers as the more you cross, the more winning chances you have. You have to keep in mind tip #1: in case of guessing 1 number out of 1, you will be given 1 to 1 payout, but if you guess 1 out of 5, you get only 0.5. It means that the more you pick and the less you guess, the worse for you. So, you better try to cross out between 4 and 9 numbers, cause for guessing 1/10 you will receive no money. 

To learn what numbers it is better to choose, read tips on how to pick numbers. Picking numbers in a random way is a bad idea, so we don’t recommend wasting your deposit money on shooting in the dark.

You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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