How to Play Keno: Best Tips for Beginners

  • Keno is the simplest gambling game to play in a casino
  • Pick numbers and win cash even while playing from home
  • To learn all the rules, read our Keno guide for beginners
how to play keno

Keno is a perfect gaming choice for every gambler. As a mix of a gambling game and a lottery, it will meet everyone’s expectations regardless of a player’s preferences. It is also easy to find at land-based and online casinos, but let’s learn how to play Keno before the game starts.

Keno is a game of chance popular worldwide. Experienced gamblers know this game as a simple lottery-like gambling game which is simple to play and win. If you haven’t ever tried it, read an ultimate guide on how to play Keno at online casinos in the US.

Keno basic rules & idea

Playing Keno is simple as this game is very similar to the lottery. To play Keno, gamblers have to wager on numbers from 1 to 80. Once players put their stakes, a dealer reveals 20 random numbers either with the help of a random number generator or using a bingo-like ball machine.

The main idea of the Keno game looks like described above. However, some nuances may vary from casino to casino or from country to country. Thus, Keno can be played with more or fewer than 80 numbers, and winning picks may also vary. Also, the minimum wage also depends on casino policy, so don’t forget to read it through before playing.

how to play keno
It’s a fun and popular game

A step-by-step guide to offline Keno

As the idea of the game seems to be clear, here are step-by-step instructions on how to play Keno in land-based casinos or at home using betting slips. You can get them at any store selling Keno tickets. 

A typical Keno bet slip looks like a piece of paper with 80 numbers written on it. Besides them, there is a section where the price and number of games are marked. Once you purchase a bet slip, you have to cross from 1 to 20 numbers, depending on the instructions.

After marking your favorite numbers, you have to wager on your picks and the number of games you want to play. You write it down on your card as well in the separate section. For example, if you want to wager $1 on all your numbers and play 10 games using them, you pay $10. You can also choose to bet on 1-19 numbers out of 20 picks, but they will be more difficult to monitor during the next games.

Once you pick 20 numbers and place a bet, give your card to the dealer or Keno seller, who will check it in the next game. You will receive a copy of your ticket proving that you are the one to own the ticket in case of winning. If you know how to gamble wisely, you have nothing to worry about.

When it’s time to announce the winner, a number generator or a bingo-like ball machine will pick 20 random numbers. If they all match with your picks, congratulations, you win the jackpot. However, if only some of your picks correspond to the winning numbers, your payout will depend on the type of your betting.

How to play Keno online

Playing Keno online is pretty similar to land-based gambling. The key difference between online and offline Keno games is the absence of paper tickets. While playing Keno online, you pick numbers at an electronic table. To get your own exclusive online ticket, register at Intertops Casino, choose a Keno game, purchase a ticket, and do your best to choose the right picks. You can even avoid doing it manually as some Keno bet slips have a special “quick pick” option. It allows the computer to choose numbers for you, but it doesn’t affect your winning chances.

Another advantage of playing Keno online is the frequency of drawings. You will know the result as soon as you finish with your choice and place a bet. Moreover, you don’t even have to go to a store or dress up to visit a casino. Try to play this game from home and you will like it.

You can discover more about Intertops Casino here.

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