Gambling Behavior of Zodiac Signs: Why Do You Always Lose?


Posted: May 19, 2020

Updated: May 19, 2020

  • There is a difference between playing online and in land-based casinos
  • Why do most people have serious troubles while gambling offline?
  • Ask your Zodiac sign what to improve to start winning money

Do you want to know why you usually face difficulties while playing casino games face-to-face? When everything seems to be good online, visiting land-based casinos doesn’t bring you money. Read about the gambling behavior of Zodiac signs and you will find a lot of interesting information about improvements you should make to bring fortune to your side.

Horoscopes are especially interesting to read when it comes to gambling. Both have a lot in common and are connected more tightly than it may seem. Besides best betting strategies, Zodiac signs can tell a lot about your personality and behavior while gambling. You might have never noticed these features as you were too excited to play, but they are still present. If you want to know how you usually gamble and how it affects your winning percentage, don’t hesitate to find your sign below.

Gambling behavior of Zodiac signs: Aries

As a passionate Zodiac sign, Aries gambles quite aggressively. People born under this Fire sign like winning and hate losing, so they often run out of patience while gambling offline. Their advanced emotiveness can lead to problems with other players, casino workers, and security, so the best advice for Aries would be to take down a peg. If they still can’t handle it, they better choose online casinos in Russia to play gambling games in a calmer environment.

How does Taurus play casino games?

Horoscopes characterize Taurus as calm and intelligent people and these features definitely play for them in a casino. They know where to quit and where to bluff to win, so they are among the luckiest signs in gambling. However, Taurus has one disadvantage and it’s their stubbornness. Yes, they know where to stop but often keep on playing till the very end to prove their leadership. As a result, they lose. Taurus should listen to their intuition when it says “no”, and their percentage of losses will decrease. 

Gemini is very unpredictable

Gambling behavior of Zodiac signs like Gemini is quite hard to predict. Like most twins, Gemini can have absolutely different approaches to gambling. They stay calm after losing all their budget today and will cry for gambling away $5 tomorrow. However, there is one thing that unites both Gemini’s personalities. They usually rely on emotions while gambling, which can have a negative impact on the outcomes of most card games requiring cooled-head and logical thinking. To avoid losing, they should either work on their emotions or give preference to games of chance like slots aka the most suitable game for Gemini.

Don’t let Cancer gamble alone

Cancer isn’t a big fan of gambling. They don’t like noisy casinos with their flashing lights and non-stop music. If they gamble, they do it from home, but what can happen if Cancer will stay in Vegas for a night? They are at risk of having a ball, so if you take Cancer to a casino, never let him/her gamble alone.

Gambling behavior of Zodiac signs: Leo

Leos are winners by their nature and there is nothing more to add to their description. They aim to win everything at once, which can obviously lead to bad consequences aka loss of money. To benefit from gambling, Leo should concentrate on one particular game and learn that all good things come to those who can wait. It is almost impossible to hit the jackpot from the first visit to a casino, so learn how to choose a perfect gambling game and practice until it brings results. Your luck is in your own hands.

Virgo usually don’t like gambling

Virgo is probably the most gambling-unfriendly sign with few exceptions though. If you are a gambler and a Virgo, you must be very careful and serious about it. You don’t choose games of chance and prefer relying on your own skills. However, don’t take gambling too seriously as you can fail to enjoy it. Playing casino games is not only about money, but entertainment and a good mood too. So, don’t forget to enjoy the time spent in a casino even if you lose as it is a perfect opportunity to relax and meet new people.

Libra’s trump is their optimism

Libra is an antipole to Virgo. If Virgo takes gambling too seriously, Libra sees it mostly as entertainment. They don’t care whether they win or lose as they like the process of playing. On the one hand, it is good as few people can still enjoy poker games after consecutive failures, but gambling is not only about having fun. Pay a bit more attention to developing tactics or taking gambling courses and your gaming hobby will bring you profit as well.

gambling behavior of Zodiac signs
What’s the perfect game for your sign?

Scorpios hate to lose in a casino

Gambling behavior of Zodiac signs like Scorpios and Leos are very similar. Both hate losing money and finishing beyond the 1st place. However, if Leo starts playing many games to prove their leadership, Scorpio keeps their negative emotions inside. This is not a good idea, but we don’t encourage you to blow up in a casino too. The best thing to control your emotions would be switching to another activity, so choose land-based casinos offering live concerts, free drinks, or resorts to cool your head after playing games.

Sagittarius: all or nothing

Sagittarius are good gamblers regardless of the way they do it. They are equally good while playing at King Billy Casino or shining in Vegas. They are not perfect though, as Sagittarius often fails to stop playing in time. Sagittarius aims for all or nothing, however, money isn’t their main goal. People born under this sign can’t stop gambling cause they like the process. They have to train themselves to stop when the game is profitable no more.

Capricorn plays rarely but neatly

Capricorn doesn’t like gambling even more than Virgo or Cancer. To be more accurate, this sign doesn’t take it seriously as Capricorn prefers earning money at work. However, if they are accidentally involved in a gambling game, they will be the best. Capricorns are amazingly good in card games, where logic and cool head take the upper hand. Basically, every Capricorn can make millions on gambling. They always use their strongest sides to win, so why shouldn’t they pay a bit more attention to it? 

gambling behavior of Zodiac signs
Choose the perfect slot!

How does Aquarius usually gamble?

Aquarius is one of the luckiest signs in gambling. Despite having fortune by their side, Aquarius also has few weaknesses with carelessness as the major one. They really care about their cards, but don’t pay much attention to dealers or opponents’ actions, so they often lose. This sign needs just a bit more attentiveness to take a #1 spot of the best gambling Zodiacs.

Pisces: gambling behavior of Zodiac signs

When it comes to gambling, Pisces stand out from the crowd thanks to their personality. This sign is very emotional, so they play casino games like there ain’t no tomorrow. They play until the end, either win or lose, but never give up. Pisces should control their emotions a bit better, as they not only allow gambling to affect their mood but also let opponents read them like a book. Every hand in poker can be understood via your facial expression, so if you aim to win, practice your gambling skills at home.

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