What Are the Best Slots to Play for Zodiac Signs?

  • Twelve Zodiac signs will enjoy playing 12 different slot machines
  • What slot was made for you? Read the article and try it now!
slots to play for Zodiac signs

According to horoscopes, each Zodiac sign differs from the other by numerous characteristics, including temper and a focus of interest. Based on this information, we have figured out the 12 best slots to play for Zodiac signs, which could bring them the most satisfaction.

Once you are done with horoscope lotto strategies that can help to hit the jackpot, switch to the other online activities. Slot machines, for example, are a perfect choice these days. They are easy to play from home, simple in usage, and exciting due to numerous thematic designs. Online casinos like 22Bet Casino offer a wide range of slot machines with good visuals, sound effects, and solid bonuses. Which one will fit your personality? Let’s ask your Zodiac sign.

Slots to play for Zodiac signs: Aries

As one of the most energetic signs, Aries needs something special to satisfy them. People born under this Zodiac sign are a bit aggressive, active, and full of temptation. Therefore, Dragons of the North can be the game that fits all characteristics of this Fire sign. This slot follows a 5-reel structure with four wild dragons who you need to collect for winning. All monsters are well-animated and have their own, unique appearance. If you are an Aries and Game of Thrones fan too, Dragons of the North is a must-try.

What will fit Taurus?

Taurus favors people with calm but stubborn temper, who value aesthetics and art. Online casinos in Russia have something special for this complex sign. According to them, The Asp of Cleopatra is one of the best slots to play for Zodiac signs like Taurus. Here you can find classy relics with ancient Egyptian motifs, which is accompanied by beautiful theme music. This slot has 5 reels and 25 pay lines you will enjoy while playing from home.

slots to play for Zodiac signs
It’s important to check your horoscope before playing slots.

A perfect choice for Gemini

Gemini is one of the most complex signs as they have two sides of personality. They can be both enthusiastic and indifferent, active and lazy, cheerful and introverted. It is really difficult to predict their next state, but we will try to recommend Super 12 Stars. This slot machine doesn’t have a specific theme, that’s why it is good for unpredictable Gemini. It is featured by such themes as Fruits, Bars, Bells, Classic, Sevens, Stars, etc. You will never know what comes next, except for 5 reels you need to fill in to win. 

Cancers and their slots

If you are a Cancer, then you must be an emotional and empathic person, who doesn’t like rushing and noisy casino games. Therefore, the Butterfly Lovers slot from 22Bet Casino is the best choice for you. This beautiful slot game with a Chinese theme, discreet design, and calming music is what you need to enjoy playing & win money. The game has 4×4 reels and 16 symbols with Asian motifs you need to collect. 

Winning slot for Leos

When it comes to slots to play for Zodiac signs, Leos are in the first row to win. This sign likes to be in the spotlight as a champion, so the major criteria for Leos are simple-structured slots that are easy to play & win. So, The Money slot is probably the only must-try for this sign. The slot machine follows the 1920s spirit but is quite simple to play. It has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, which can easily bring you money even for the first attempt. Moreover, you can try this game for free at  22Bet Casino.

Virgos playing slots

Virgo is very suspicious about gambling. That’s why we first recommend you read how to pick a reliable online casino before choosing the perfect slot. Once you are done with your doubts, try God’s Temple slot machine. This is not an easy game to play, but have difficulties ever stopped Virgos? When you learn how to play this Egyptian-themed casino game, the fortune will be by your side. 

What can entertain Libra?

Slots to play for Zodiac signs like Libra are numerous, as these people are too curious and down for discoveries. That’s why they can try almost every slot machine and find it exciting in its own way. However, we think that the Book of Gods is the best game for them for a row of reasons. First, it has an unusual design that is interesting to look closely at. Then, it was chosen as the best ancient-themed slot among numerous other games. Finally, 5 reels, free spins, and dozens of unique symbols will keep your attention by the screen for a long time.

slots to play for Zodiac signs
Your zodiac can tell you a lot about your winning odds.

Slots for Scorpios

Scorpios are very reckless players when it comes to both online and land-based casinos. Sometimes they can become aggressive, especially if they fail to win. That’s why 22Bet Casino offers them a Bonus Mania Deluxe for playing online. This advanced version of a classic game has more winning combinations that enhance Scorpios’ chances to hit the jackpot. Isn’t this what you came for?

Sagittarius & its slot machine

Like Libra, Sagittarius can choose almost every slot machine at online gambling sites in Russia and enjoy it. Their curiosity and adventure spirit will help them to be satisfied by 9/10 slots, but if you want to hit the mark, try Book of Myth. This is a perfect choice for adventure seekers that will get them on a journey from home. It is not an ancient Egypt slot as you might have thought; it has a modern-time atmosphere that can be easily used for another Indiana Jones movie.

Capricorn: what to choose?

Nobody avoids casinos more than this sign. Capricorns usually don’t gamble, but when they do, they hit the mark. If you want to join the list of the champions, use 777 Gems to bring you money. This classic slot is very simple to play as it meets standards of the gold casino games. As a very conservative sign, Capricorn will like this age-old slot.

Best choice for Aquarius

Horoscope descriptions portray Aquarius as talented, creative, and daydreaming people. Therefore, they need to play something as beautiful as their dreams are. Elven Princesses can be a perfect option for Aquarius. There is nothing to add to the name of the slot as it follows enchanted female elves you need to follow to win. This video slot is well-designed and has good music, which will please your imagination too.

Slots to play for Zodiac signs: Pisces

22Bet Casino recommends Gold Panther for players born under Pisces sign. These people are empathic and usually love animals, so they will prefer spending time with beautiful creatures rather than collecting gods’ images. This slot machine features different animals like owls, wolves, panthers, goats and even more. They are beautifully designed, so your inner aesthete will enjoy gambling as well.

You can learn more about 22Bet Casino here.

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