Useful Live Blackjack Tips and Tricks

  • Learn to select the right table to play
  • Basic strategy is a sure bet
  • Bet behind experienced players to adopt a playing style
  • Pick bonuses and promotions over side bets
Live Blackjack Tips and Tricks

Live blackjack is the most widely played online card game in the world. Ment to provide with real-time game experience, it is developed to accommodate even the pickiest of players. From splitting your hand to betting behind, we will specify live blackjack tips and tricks essential to secure a win.

There are different variations of blackjack but the webcam streamed version retains the speed and excitement of the real-life casino. It is practically the same game played in a remote regime. Live blackjack features a human dealer behind a real blackjack table handling actual cards. It is simple in concept but still a game of skills. In fact, there are several useful hacks to get the most from live blackjack sessions.

Pick the right table

Whether you play at a land-based establishment or hit a live blackjack round, make sure to choose the right table. Before joining the session pay attention to your bankroll. Consider tables where the starting bet suits your pocket. Even proficient players settle on tables with a minimum wager amount of 5% or lower of their bankroll.

Regardless of blackjack variation, always select the table which pays 3 to 2 with the dealer standing on soft 17. It’s an essential point to have an advantage in a live table round. At this point, all online casino sites in the UK offer live blackjack games with tempting minimum bet tables.

Use basic strategy

Blackjack is a simple game but the outcome heavily depends on a player’s skills. It requires a mathematical approach, hence going blind into the game knowing just the rules isn’t enough to win. For example, splitting the pairs is a real rookie trap. While the player thinks about getting two chances to beat the dealer, it proves to be quite a losing proposal.

The splitting itself is a good strategy to gain the upper hand. However, you should never split tens, fours, fives when aces and eights are better played at two hands. Online gambling platforms and even operators like Bet365 Casino offer more standard combinations to use freely during your sessions. Land-based casinos may not allow carrying basic strategy charts but such restriction is lifted in live blackjack games.

Betting behind is the best of live blackjack tips and tricks

Everyone can enjoy a game of live blackjack even when no seat is available at a certain table. For such cases, online gambling sites in the UK have adopted an exclusive ‘bet behind’ feature. It allows to punt separately on other player’s hand and take part in the game without making any decision.

Live Blackjack Tips and Tricks
Betting behind is a strategy to consider.

This is perfect for those without experience to grasp the idea of the game. They can learn and take up new strategies by riding on another player’s winning streak. The feature also maintains a big revenue potential due to the unlimited nature of the option. Any player – seated or not – can bet behind any other player or even every one of them. 

Opt for casinos with the best bonuses and promos

It took time for blackjack to gain popularity. Some gambling houses started attracting players with various bonuses and promotions. Today, such boosting campaigns have become a part of gambling. Choosing a platform to play gamblers usually pick those with suitable bonuses.

In live blackjack bonuses present a huge advantage in improving your winning potential. Increasing your bankroll, promotions help to play longer. Some online casinos have daily bonuses for live blackjack games others offer weekly promotions. For example, Bet365 Casino offers 10% cashback to its customers every Tuesday. This kind of boosting campaign ensures that you receive optimal value for your bet.

Avoid side bets like the plague

Along with bonuses and promotions live dealer blackjack offers different features to enhance your chances. Unlike boosting campaigns, however, side bets can be quite tricky especially for beginners. There are different types of additional wagering: Insurance, 21 +3 and Perfect Pairs. While it is an optional feature and offers higher payouts, they automatically increase the house edge. You will need more than luck for the dealer to pull a ten-value downcard with Ace upcard. In other terms, it is a quick way of losing money and the risk is not worth the reward.

Live Blackjack Tips and Tricks
Listen to these tips and increase your winnings.

Don’t mind other players

Many people have a wrong perception of blackjack. Played with one or more participants at a table, it is not a team game and not a competition either. Here each player goes against the dealer. Their decisions don’t affect your game. Some players prefer to keep track of the table game to determine their chances at a better value. They even take a seat on the left from the dealer to count the cards.

Nevertheless, the number of decks and shuffler make it almost impossible to size up any principle in live blackjack. It’s better to stick to your strategy. Whether others win or not your chances at victory won’t suffer. Before putting live blackjack tips and tricks to a test have a look at our latest review about Bet365 Casino.

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