Euro 2020 Top Goalscorer Odds: The King Of Tournament


Posted: May 19, 2020

Updated: June 21, 2021

  • Who will score the most at the 2020 UEFA Euro?
  • Ronaldo or Kane: bet on your favorite forward

As soon as UEFA announced the new date for hosting the European championship, new odds on it appeared. Besides common predictions about the winning country, we have several candidates to become the best player of the tournament. Euro 2020 top goalscorer odds show the top-3 favorites to take the crown.

Every football fan should have heard about rescheduling the 2020 UEFA Euro that has to take place this spring-summer. According to the official information, the championship will take place from June 11 to July 11, 2021. This announcement causes a series of new predictions about the participating countries.

Besides odds on Ukraine to win the competition, football fans try to guess the best player of the 2020 Euro. Here are 3 footballers with the highest chances to get this title.

Bet on Ronaldo to become the best player

No football ranking can go without Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player is included in the national team of his home country, so his presence in the top-3 of best footballers is justified. However, Ronaldo doesn’t top the Euro 2020 top goalscorer odds this time. With 10.00 odds at online sportsbooks in Portugal, Cristiano is only the 3rd candidate to take this title. 

The main reason why Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t considered as the best goalscorer can be his age. The football legend is already 35, which is quite a venerable age for a player. In addition, Portugal won the UEFA Euro trophy last time, in 2016. As any national team hasn’t won any international competition twice in a row during the last decades, Portugal is not believed to celebrate victory next year. Surely, it doesn’t affect Ronaldo’s possibility to score the most, but if his country will be out in the Group Stage, he won’t have a chance to be named the best again.

Euro 2020 top goalscorer odds
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Romelu Lukaku is the runner-up 

While Belgium competes with England’s odds for being the only favorite at the 2020 Euro, its forward aims for being the top goalscorer of the competition. Lukaku has 9.00 odds at 1xBet to become the best player of the championship and he’s very likely to win this race. Belgium is predicted to reach the final with England, so both countries’ players have equal chances to be named the best. From the Belgian side, Lukaku is the most possible candidate for this title as he showed himself as the best player during the last years. He won the Bronze Boot award for his performance at the 2018 World Cup. Therefore, Lukaku is believed to make problems for any team that rises on his way to the UEFA cup.

Harry Kane leads the Euro 2020 top goalscorer odds

Besides the best odds on England that is supposed to win the competition, one of the country’s players aims for an individual award. The English national team captain Harry Kane leads the odds to become the top goalscorer at Euro 2020. Why does he have the most chances to take this title?

Euro 2020 top goalscorer odds
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There are two reasons to believe the prediction about Harry Kane to come true. The first one is England’s high chances to win the whole tournament or at least reach its final. English clubs and players are on top these days, which brings back the era of dominance of the country in football. Secondly, Kane himself is an experienced player with 32 international goals for just 5 years of playing in a senior team. If you take a look at his stats, you will see Kane’s progress that should only increase next year. 

  • 2015 – 3 goals
  • 2016 – 2 goals
  • 2017 – 7 goals
  • 2018 – 8 goals
  • 2019 – 12 goals

If you agree that Harry Kane will take the title or support England to win the championship, visit 1xBet Sportsbook to find the best odds on both.

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