The Most Popular Esport Games to Bet On

  • Espot tournaments are new favorite for the wagers to bet on
  • Some of the tournaments with the highest prize pool is designed for the Dota 2
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The popularity of esports has soared in the last few years. As more people started to get interested in the industry, the size and quantity of the tournaments have increased too.  Like any other sports, once people got interested in the game, the betting market has started to grow too. Let us introduce you to the most popular esport games to bet on.

Being a professional esport player now means much more than just playing games, it’s more of a professional career path. Professional gamers no longer do it on the side of their other jobs. Due to the fierce competition worldwide, being a professional esport player now requires as much as, if not more effort than any other job. Also, the jaw-dropping prize of millions of dollars works as a pretty good motivation too.

Through the year, various associations hold thousands of tournaments worldwide. You can bet on any of these matches whether it be local or international. However, choosing your tournament right and knowing the game well can make or break your success in betting. So these are the most popular esport games to bet on.

popular esport games to bet on
Gaming event

Multi-player online battle arena

This might be the most popular esports games genre people bet on. The tournaments with the highest prize pools are in this genre. That includes League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Square, etc. This is a complex team game where each player takes a role and fights against another team. Each player is in charge of a single character, which might seem easier than controlling the whole team. However, the players need to know and master the different characters and their items by heart.

League of Legends

In terms of the number of hours played, League of Legends is one of the most popular esport games. Even though the majority of the players are mainly based on Europe and the US, it has been gaining popularity in Asia in recent years too. The online sportsbooks in China has seen remarkable growth in the number of people who bet on the matches. League of Legends has some of the biggest esport tournaments. As with Dota 2 and sports games, you can bet on bet365 sportsbook. To know more about the best esports betting sites, visit our site.


This one is another one of the most popular esport games to bet on. The sheer number of the players and fans of this game is unlike any other. Because of its popularity, this game has the largest number of tournaments. One of the biggest international esports tournament The International has broken the ceiling of the prize pool, amounting up to 219 million dollars. In each match, two teams of five fight against each other in order to destroy the base of the opposing team.

popular esport games to bet on
Game character

Real-time strategy games

These types of strategy games don’t necessarily have the largest amount of players due to its complexity. Players of these games don’t have one final goal. Each player assumes the role of the generals and not only fight against the other armies, but they also have to build up their economy and build cities. Because of this complex manner of the game, the fans are not that lot. But the ones that are already hooked to the games tend to be really loyal.

Warcraft III

If you’re even a little interested in the game, you must have heard of the Warcraft. Since the story of the game is so complex, there are even some movies made about it. It is no longer just a video game, but a franchise of novels, video games, and movies. There are five core games, and the most popular is Warcraft III.

StarCraft II

According to the online sportsbooks in South Korea, StarCraft II is one of the most popular esport games to bet on in the country. Even though the prize of the tournaments are not as high as the other popular games, it is definitely growing. What makes this game interesting is that while it is still a strategy game, it is not as complex as Warcraft.

Sport games

Sports games have been around for a while and have naturally gained its name as some of the most popular esport games to bet on. Since they are naturally adaptations of the already popular sports, the popularity of these games where inevitable. Also since the games have essentially similar looks as real-life games, these games have gained a lot of fans along with the players. Some of the most common played games in this genre are NBA 2K, Pro Evaluation Soccer, FIFA, and Rocket League.

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