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Sports Betting in China

Sports betting in China is made difficult with the same laws that try to prevent other forms of gambling in the country. One major difference, however, is that the government offers a limited kind of legalized bookmaking in the form of the China Sports Lottery. It's more a lottery than actual sports betting though – it uses the results from recent football matches as the "random" numbers in a ticket-based lottery system.

The China Sports Lottery is extremely profitable, taking in more than $1 billion USD every year. Still, a lottery is not sports betting, which is what the Chinese are really interested in. The government doesn't allow it, but there are still bookmakers all over the country. Recently, many have been moving online where they can operate easier.

Since horse racing has been allowed in 2008 the government has from time to time alluded to plans of legalizing betting on the races. Whenever it will happen, the country is likely to adopt the existing Hong Kong model.

Online Sports Betting in China

There are lots of online sportsbooks that accept players in China, but all of these are actually in other countries, since it is illegal to run an internet gambling site from China. Some of these foreign internet sportsbooks are actually available in Chinese, and some accept Renminbi as deposits.

These Chinese online bookmakers focus on football, since 90% of all sports betting in China revolves around this sport. The second most popular sport to wager on in China is basketball, which Chinese internet bookmakers also cover. If an online sportsbook accepts players in China but is not specifically built for Chinese players, they will definitely cover all of these games.