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If we take a look at the past year, we could hardly think that nothing has changed in the gambling world. Of course, this is not a sector that was hardly struck by the Covid-pandemic. But it still had its own effects on gambling habits! The Gambling Commission just conducted a survey on the betting habits in the UK – and it backs this fact up squarely.

Football with rectangular grass pitch with H-shaped goals at each end? Yes, this is a Gaelic Football which is the most popular Gaelic game. Are you ready for the Connacht championship which is full of speed, precision, accuracy and intensity? Why not be part of the upcoming Gaelic Football passion by Connacht championship betting preview?

Split 2 of the DoorDash League of Legends Circuit Oceania, or LCO is around the corner. The eight best teams in the region are competing for a massive prize pool and a seat at Worlds. We look at all the competing teams and their best LCO Split 2 odds.

Gamblers just love Iowa! And why is that? Because the state has one of the most liberal gambling laws in the United States. And as such, there are several types of gambling options available between state borders. But that does not mean, there is no space to grow! And we can see that exact thing right now, as Iowa just introduced some new additions in its racing laws.

As it is well-known among the gamblers of the United States, every state has different pieces of legislation when it is about gambling. New Hampshire is one with modest gambling industry. That meaning they still have some fields to expand the business. Now, they just took a great step in that direction with the new bill concerning pari-mutuel wagering on historical horse racing in New Hampshire.

Don't miss out on the chance to watch the first-ever 3x3 women's basketball tournament at the Summer Olympics. What's more, you can get in on the debut tournament's action with the 2020 3x3 women's basketball Olympics betting odds.

The odds on the 2021 French Grand Prix imply it’s a two horse race. Naturally, one can take that with a pinch of salt after Baku. Neither of the realistic title contenders finished in the points. Now anyone who regularly puts a bet on sports in France will tell you Baku is special. It’s a street circuit and those are different. At Paul Ricard, they claim, normality will resume. But will it? The tires let some cars down in Azerbaijan, and on the long straights near Marseille they may do so again.