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Bingo in China

In Chinese culture, even though number games have always been extremely popular, bingo and online bingo are very rarely played. This is probably not due to a lack of interest, but to a lack of exposure. After all, the game of Poker, which is one of the most popular card games in the world, has only just begun to catch on in China.

Chinese bingo does exist, but it is very limited. In December of 2007, Gala Coral, a gambling operator from the UK, secured a license from the Chinese province of Hebei to open what would be the country’s first bingo club. The company hopes the game will do well, and has big plans to build hundreds of Chinese Bingo halls across the country. Progress on the project is slow however, so right now, bingo is almost unheard of in China.

Online Bingo in China

Chinese online Bingo is equally hard to find. There are actually no internet Bingo sites in China, both because it is not popular, but also because it is illegal to run an online gambling site in the country. But this doesn't mean Chinese players can't play Bingo online.

Players in China who want to play online Bingo can simply use Bingo sites in other countries that accept Chinese players. These will probably be in English and will have to be played in USD or EURO, but at least players will get to experience the joys of this unique game.