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Lottery in China

Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese gambling laws do not prohibit the practice of our favorite pastime. Thanks to this, the national lottery in China is alive and well, and a fast growing section of the industry. The China Sports Lottery is the biggest among the lottery companies present in the country. It is a government-run organization that expands incredibly fast.

Another large Chinese lotto company is called Hong Kong HKJC Lotteries Ltd. Its market and revenue is so great that it recently became the biggest taxpayer in Hong Kong. Apart from the internal lotteries, there are some foreign lotto companies present in China: Betex Group PLC, for instance, is a United Kingdom-based operation with two offices in China, Hong Kong and Beijing.


Online Lotto in China

Although not long ago, gambling news outlets were buzzing with debates on permissions and bans placed on online lotto sites in China, it seems like the government has a firm stand on the subject. Their main focus is on shutting down illegal, unlicensed lottery websites. Some new licenses will be issued for the legit ones.

In China, there are many large and well-known European, Asian and Australian lottery platforms on which people can become lottery winners overnight. The possibilities for playing one’s lucky numbers will soon be endless. Once the government issues the online lottery licenses to legal associations, the sky is the limit. Until then, check out our best-of list of Chinese online lottery sites!