What to Wear to a Casino: Fashion Tips For a Perfect Look

  • There are several outfit taboos in land-based casinos
  • What is better to wear to avoid controversy with security?
  • We picked clothes that are good and comfortable for gambling
what to wear to a casino

Thinking about what to wear to a casino still matters, in spite of the worldwide dominance of a casual style. Some reputable establishments still have a dress code defining a look and you will be denied in entering if you break its rules. Let’s see what restrictions apply for casino visitors and what are the best choices for a perfect gambling outfit.

Nowadays, we are free to choose any clothes we like for any occasion. From offices to theatres and nightclubs, people can select casual outfits without a doubt to be refused to enter. However, some very reputable establishments still require wearing dress code and casinos are not an exception. Let’s see what outfit restrictions can be met across the globe and what to wear to a casino to meet all requirements.

Most fashion don’ts are justified

If you feel unhappy that land-based casinos limit your freedom in choosing clothes, try playing casino games online. However, most casino fashion no-no’s apply for a reason and are really insignificant. If you plan to visit a casino during the daytime, feel free to put on any clothes with few exceptions. 

what to wear to a casino
You can look good while gambling online too


If you think of what to wear to a casino, hats are the last thing to take along. This accessory is blacklisted in many casinos mostly for security and fair-play reasons as it can make other players insecure and cause discomfort if the place is crowded. However, this rule applies mostly to floppy hats as many gamblers wear baseball caps and even sunglasses to look cooler in a casino.


The most common restriction in various casinos is wearing flip-flops. To be fair, there is nothing to blame casinos for as most reputable establishments from restaurants to museums are intolerant of this summer shoe type. Flip-flops are considered beach shoes, so wearing them to any luxurious place is a sign of bad taste and simply vulgar. If you find these shoes the most comfortable though, you can gamble at Intertops Casino as land-based gambling rooms won’t let you in.


In debates about what to wear to a casino, shorts are the most controversial fashion item. Some casinos allow visitors in shorts to enter, while the others strictly forbid it. It is better to check the dress code requirements of a specific casino to make sure you are allowed to enter. Until then, shorts are one of the most controversial clothing for gamblers.

Sport- and swimwear

A decision to gamble after chilling in the swimming pool of any casino resorts is a bad one as most casinos don’t allow wearing swimsuits inside. The same rule often touches upon sport suits as well, so make sure to change your clothes after visiting the gym or pool.

Ripped and dirty clothes

Everything seems clear about this dress code restriction. Casino security cannot let you in if your clothes look messy and suspicious. Therefore, make sure that your outfit is nice and tidy if you don’t want to argue with security guards and spoil your visit to a casino.

what to wear to a casino
Absolutely great outfit for casino

What to wear to a casino: best choices

First, it is important to emphasize that most casinos allow two types of outfits: casual and formal (semi-formal). In the first case, gamblers are allowed to wear common clothes during the daytime with a few exceptions. Their list can be found above.

Dressing up to a casino is more appropriate after 6 pm. It doesn’t always mean that gamblers have to wear long dresses and suits to play poker or roulette. In most cases, putting shorts and open T-shirts away is enough. If you go to an average casino, wearing nice tops or casual dresses for ladies and shirts with trousers for gentlemen is a perfect choice. Remember that the more expensive a casino is, the nicer you should dress. In this case, the formal style comes in. If you plan to visit a casino from a James Bond movie, your outfit should comply with a standard. 

Visiting a reputable and high-dollar casino requires following some rules, so if you are not good with them, gamble online in the US while staying in slippers. If you agree that a dress code is essential, we are happy to give some advice. Considering the information above, we have figured out the best outfits for visiting gambling places. If you still struggle with an issue of what to wear to a casino, here are some tips for both men and women.

what to wear to a casino
Elegant woman

For men

During the daytime, the best clothing for visiting a casino for gentlemen is long trousers or jeans with polos or T-shirts, short or long sleeve shirts, sweaters, hoodies, loafers/sneakers. These items shouldn’t raise any questions regarding your look. In the evening, it would be better to choose only long-sleeved clothes that leave no bare skin. When going to a 5-star casino, don’t forget about classy white shirts, ties, and suits. Put some accessories on to show your status (watches or rings are good).

For women

Ladies have a wider choice of clothes while dressing up for gambling. Women can wear dresses and skirts of any length, jeans or other trousers with tops, T-shirts or blouses before 6 pm. If you are going to gamble at night, give preference to classy dresses, nice tops, and jackets. High heels, jewelry, and small bags also matter. We recommend having a little black dress in your wardrobe as it fits both average and luxurious casino dress code rules.

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