How to Bet on Horse Racing: Guidelines for Newcomers

  • Betting on horses isn’t as difficult as it seems
  • Learn how to make money from horse racing
how to bet on horse racing

Do you want to start making money on horses but wonder how to bet on horse racing? Here are some tips and guidelines that will help you to learn everything about this sport and ways to benefit from it.

Online sportsbooks in the US offer many bets in horse racing for a reason. It is one of the most popular sports in America regardless of a certain loss of viewers in the 21st century. There are still many events taking place in the US including the most known Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes. If you want to join the party but don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to bet on horse racing.

How should you pick a horse

Half of the success in horse racing betting is picking the right horse. How is it possible to predict which one comes first? In fact, there is no advice that will guarantee to win, but some tips can still help you to think before you bet.

The first thing to do before betting on a horse is looking at racing forms (form guides). Each competition usually puts them on the Internet to give information about the upcoming event and all participants. Here you can find detailed descriptions of each and every horse: its age, trainer, and winning stats. 

how to bet on horse racing
Jockeys riding their horses

The next step is learning everything about your most probable pick. Once you choose a horse from a racing form, look for the information about it on the Internet. Pay special attention to news about the most recent injuries. For example, if your favorite horse was a champion for a long time but recovered from a severe injury this year, betting on it will be obviously risky.

How to bet on horse racing

To make a bet on your favorite horse, you should look for odds on it within a particular race. Choose Bovada Sportsbook to see how to bet on horse racing at the best-ranked site in the US. If you are new in betting, it is recommended to read a guide on how to pick the best bets. However, don’t let the best odds trick you. Although they mean that the event is likely to happen, pay special attention to a sum you bet.

There are two ways to increase your winning chances. The first one means placing different kinds of bets. For instance, you can wager not only on the winning horse but its chances of coming 2nd or 3rd. If you still believe in your choice, placing an additional bet on the horse’s winning time or distance won’t harm too.

To enhance your winning chances, you can wager on several races simultaneously. The logic is easy to get: the more you bet, the more winning chances you have. So, check all popular horse competitions that take place in your country, but don’t choose every single race. Betting on very small local races is risky as they often do not always give detailed information about participants. Basically, it makes you wager blindly, which decreases the chance of making a profit. The most popular races in the US are the Derby, Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, and Breeders’ Cup.

If you want to learn more about horse racing, you can check out Bovada Sportsbook here.

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