Historical Figures Who Gambled – Did You Know About Them?

  • This king exchanged his bells for luck
  • Lottery winner painter
  • The 'New Deal' from a whole different view
Historical Figures Who Gambled
Henry VIII and the Barber Surgeons – Image source: Hans Holbein via Wikimedia Commons

We can find gamblers everywhere on Earth – and in history! At highschool lessons, the teacher probably did not tell you about the passion of many kings and queens. But now we reveal the secrets and show you the most famous historical figures who gambled. If you want to read some interesting stories, read on!

King Henry VIII – One of The Funniest Historical Figures

King Henry VIII played a huge part in the History of Craps. The most surprising risk he took though was when he bet and lost the Jesus bells of the old St. Paul Church over a single toss of the dice. However, the king received the bells because he convicted the winner of treason, and hanged at Tower Hill for everyone to see.

We can agree that he was one of the greatest gambling lovers, he also got himself the title of the best gambler in England. It is true that the nobles always came to him if he wanted to play, but we sure that he would have liked these online casino sites in the UK a lot!

René Descartes – He Thought, Therefore He Was a Historical Figure Who Gambled

Afar from he was the ‘Father of Modern Philosophy’ and a well-known scientist, he was a gambler as well. As one of the greatest thinkers, he needed to take part in games that required serious strategies.

The fact that he was going to be a gambler is just a part of his history. He was sure that a gambling career would be much better than the military and law school. However, he eventually turned to philosophy but never forgot about gambling. He spent his free time enjoying the games, but most of his time he was figuring out the puzzles of the world.

Do you know any historical figures who gambled?

Claude Monet – The Art of Gambling

Painter, Artists, Claude Monet, Impressionist, 1899
Monet is one of the greatest artists who ever lived, however he was not only an amazing painter, he was an excellent gambler too.

Both of his parents were religions, and Monet also was baptized as a Catholic. While he attended secondary school, his family struggled financially. Therefore, to support himself, Claude started to sell portraits and cartoonish drawings. He loved playing games, so he started to learn how to gamble. Interestingly, sources indicate that Monet later became an atheist.

Around the year 1890, he struck gold in the French lottery, winning a ticket worth over $13 000 in his currency. That lottery winning obviously helped Monet, but without it the world may have been deprived of one of the greatest artists of history. However, this is how we got a famous historical figure who gambled!

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Franklin D. Roosevelt – The President Who Gambled

Finally, let’s see an American gambler, who is no less than the president himself! Franklin D. Roosevelt enjoyed playing poker at the official presidential residence with his associates a couple of times a week. It is now clear why he called the new political program ‘New Deal’. He was more than enthusiastic about his hobby! Who was your favorite historical gambler? Read about the History of Poker and discover online poker sites in the UK!

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