Bet On Volleyball This Week

  • Volleyball leagues are slowly back to the TV screens
  • There are three competitions to wager on this week
  • Russia, Czechia, or Belarus: which one will you choose?
bet on volleyball this week

There are various sports competitions scheduled for the last 7 days of spring with good odds available. For example, you can bet on volleyball this week as many European leagues are finally on after a long break. What are the best games to watch in May?

Sports competitions in Europe finally take a new lease of life after a long-lasting break in spring. Recently, we have learned that German Bundesliga is on again and the EPL will be back very soon. Also, the 2020 European championship is now scheduled for June and July 2021, so you can start making predictions about the winner. 

There is good news for volleyball fans too. In May, many local leagues are on again. Here are the best picks on what to follow on TV on sports channels and what games are worth wagering on.

Bet on volleyball this week: League Pro in Russia

Russian League Pro (Pro Liga) is one of the best volleyball competitions to watch this May. Two matches within the league take place daily, except for weekends. Therefore, you can spend every day betting on local teams to win. 

bet on volleyball this week
Start betting on volleyball leagues in Russia this week! – Image source: Pixabay

Volleyball games in the Russian League Pro usually take place in the morning or afternoon, so make sure to place your bet before 10 am (GMT +3 by Moscow time). Both of daily matches are played on the following schedule:

  • 10:20 am and 12 pm
  • 1:20 pm and 2:45 pm
  • 1:50 pm and 3:30 pm

As the list of teams, time, and bets on the League Pro are updated daily, follow one of the online sportsbooks in Russia like 1xBet to stay tuned to all changes in the schedule. To this time, you can bet on Tuesday games, when Vityaz will meet Empire with the most possible victory of the first team. Also, the Titans vs Payp-pro match will take place on May 26 at 12 pm.

Follow Mixed Amateur League in Belarus

Belarus is probably the most sports-oriented country on the European continent right away. It was the only one who didn’t cancel mass sports events in March, April, and May. Besides the Belarusian Premier League that has been going on all spring, you can also bet on volleyball this week.

Unlike Russian competition, Belarus Amateur League takes place in the evenings, which is a big plus for volleyball fans. To make the Amateur League more interesting to watch, there are mixed teams from both sides. They compete with each other daily, so finish your work and enjoy sports afterward. The first match starts at 6 pm on workdays and at 4 pm on weekends. Follow the 1xBet updates to learn more about bets before the game starts.

Bet on volleyball this week in Czechia

The Czech Republic is the last European country with the ongoing volleyball league. Its competition named Regional League holds several matches per day, except for Fridays and weekends. For example, there were five games on Monday (May 25) you could follow live and place bets right before they started. To learn more about matches of the Regional League on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, visit 1xBet Sportsbook. It gives the full description of two rival teams, odds on the winner, and a total/correct score right before the match (they all start at 4 pm in Czechia).

You can discover more about these betting odds here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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