Get Ready For 5 Crazy Facts About Online Gambling

  • There are 5 fun facts about online casinos and games
  • Learn what small country is the most dedicated to gambling
  • Some surprising statistical findings about gamblers are also here
crazy facts about online gambling

Are you ready for crazy facts about online gambling? They can literally blow your mind. We have collected the most interesting and bizarre information about your favorite Internet activity, from surprising statistics to the most outrageous findings.

Online casinos are growing in popularity day by day, which contributes to the constant emergence of weird facts and stories. Even if you are a frequent casino visitor, you probably don’t know everything about the history of online gambling, its interesting stats, and unbelievable events that really happened. Here are 5 crazy facts about online gambling that can still impress you. Let’s go!

The oldest online casino reached the full age just recently

The very first among fun facts about online casinos touches upon its age. Hopefully, everyone knows about casino age restrictions. Regardless of your gambling experience, you should have heard that gambling is allowed for people of full age, which is 21 in most countries. At the same time, the very first Internet casino turned 21 just four years ago, while an absolute majority of online casinos are too young themselves. Almost all top-level online casinos in the US emerged during the last 10 years with the boost of advanced technology, which also improved the gambling industry.

If you didn’t know, the very first online casino was created in 1995 by Microgaming – a popular gambling software company. Nowadays, their number is difficult to count; according to some sources, there are more than 2000 legal casinos on the Internet across the globe. Most of them are online casinos in the US as the American gambling market is the biggest in the world. At the same time, locals are one of the most gambling nations ever.

crazy facts about online gambling
Full age!

Crazy facts about online gambling and one small nation

Although US citizens are very keen on gambling, they are not the ones who contribute to online casinos the most. It is revealed that Cypriots spend the most money on gambling online. On average, their spendings on Internet casinos reaches €2.5 million per year. This sum may not seem too big, but let’s take into account its population. In 2014, when the research was conducted, Cyprus had around 1.1 million people living on the island. It meant that every single citizen left over 2300 at online casinos!

Despite this fact, none of the lists of the most gambling countries includes Cyprus in the top-10. According to the most recent statistics, here are nations who play casino games the most (either online or offline): Australia, China, India, the UK, the US, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Hong Kong, and Greece. 

Poker is not the most popular game at online casinos

While getting through hundreds of crazy facts about online gambling, we were surprised by the next stats. According to it, poker is not the most popular gambling game in the world at online casinos. This fact seems to be false initially as the influence of poker on the media and entertainment industry is enormous. Also, the number of tournaments including WSOP, Poker Hall of Fame, and overall hype also play their roles. All this makes poker the most popular offline game, but what about online gambling at Bovada Casino?

Following the UK statistics, poker is surpassed by slots on the Internet. Most online casino users prefer playing slots rather than poker and other card games. It can be explained by slots simplicity; the game doesn’t require any skills and efforts to play, so it is the easiest way to make some cash. In addition, it offers the widest range of games to play – from classic fruit machines to the epic Rome-themed slots.

Males gamble online much more than females

Our crazy facts about online gambling include the one about players of different sexes. It was figured out that online casino games are played mostly by men rather than women. This fact could have gone unseen, if only the difference between sexes wasn’t so big: 84% male gamblers and only 16% female! If speaking about the age, most gamblers are between 30-54 years old. All these data mean that an average online gambler looks like a 40-years old man.

crazy facts about online gambling
Gambling online?

Why are online casinos so unpopular among ladies? It is a good question considering how many successful female gamblers there are in the world. Fortunately, the most recent casino stats show that women are raising their interest in online gambling day by day. Most of them prefer playing slots, which is not surprising because of their huge popularity.

More than 1/10 of all Internet users consist of gamblers

The last of 5 crazy facts about online gambling will surprise you no less than the others. If you always wanted to know how many people gamble online, here is the answer. According to the casino statistics, almost 11% of all Internet users in the world play gambling games online. It doesn’t mean that every single person uses the Internet for gaming only, but the number is still impressive. 

Here is also some data about casino users in various countries. For example, the 2020 survey of Brits showed that more than 40% of local people have gambled at least once since the beginning of the year. Around 65% of all Americans have tried playing online casino games in their life. The majority of US online players use Bovada Casino as one of the most reliable sites in the country with lots of activities available for earning money.

Read about the weirdest facts about slots if you want to know more about the most popular online gambling game ever.

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