5 Best Ancient Rome Themed Slots

  • Rome is often referred to as the greatest empire of all time
  • Playing slots following the Roman theme will prove you that
  • Here are 5 most exciting slot games to try online
best ancient Rome themed slots

Referring to the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic in casino games is not something unique nowadays. As one of the greatest old civilizations, it attracts many gamblers and game developers. Among hundreds of choices, here are 5 best ancient Rome themed slots to get familiar and win money with this great empire.

While getting through the numerous gambling games with a Roman theme, we can’t agree more that all roads lead to Rome. This ancient empire is very popular in modern culture and is widely used not only in games but films and books too. In some aspects, it is even more famous than games featuring ancient Egypt or Greece. Therefore, we have decided to choose the best ancient Rome themed slots to play as you could waste a lot of time trying every single game.

Call of the Colosseum is one of the best slots

The Call of the Colosseum slot is the game that can take you back to the days of the Roman Empire. It is simple but well-designed, recreating the ancient Rome style in architecture. To win money from Call of the Colosseum, you have to collect images of one of the Emperors, his beloved one, various gladiator’s armor, coins, grapes, and way more. In other words, every popular Roman symbol can be found here.

Call of the Colosseum is a 5-reel slot with 25 pay lines and a high RTP of 95.3%. While playing this game, you will see tips below the screen that will guide you to victory.

Roman Empire is an epic slot game

If you want to have goosebumps while playing the best ancient Rome themed slots, try the Roman Empire. This 5-reel game is probably the most epic and realistic themed slot available online. Even if you prefer Ancient Greece themed games, this pick will not leave you indifferent. 

best ancient Rome themed slots
Try these slots!

Roman Empire has two features to impress gamblers: dark visuals and epic sound. The design of the slot reminds of the best movies following ancient times, while music strengthens this feeling. To win the Roman Empire game, a gladiator has to collect various weapons from swords to cudgels, armor, and jewelry to give to his beloved one. Beware of your opponents as they are always here to kill you.

Centurion is among the best ancient Rome themed slots

Centurion is an antipole to the dark Roman Empire slot. It is made with bright colors, triumphal music, and green landscapes in the background. However, such a difference doesn’t make Centurion bad; on the contrary, it is one of the best ancient Rome themed slots ever. Here you have to collect very realistic Roman elements like chariots, helmets, Colosseum, and laurel wreaths. To be honest, the design of these symbols is so perfect that you can even see writings on the coins with Caesar’s carved face!

The Centurion slot has 5 reels and 20 fixed pay lines with an RTP of 95%. In other words, this game did everything to be worth playing at online casinos in the UK.

best ancient Rome themed slots
They don’t look like this anymore.

Play Game of Gladiators to feel vibes

If you have been to Rome, you have definitely visited its most popular landmark, the Colosseum. As you know, it was a place for holding cruel executions, animal hunts, and gladiator fights. Fortunately, it’s been left in the past, but you can still feel the vibes thanks to the Game of Gladiators slot. It has an epic intro that will take you to 80 AD and make you witness bloody competitions. To win it, you will have to collect images of gladiators, Colosseum golden gates, wild animals. In addition, every time you win, you will be rewarded with realistic 3D animation, so you better keep the sound on.

Best ancient Rome themed slots: Ave Caesar

What Rome-themed game can avoid the most famous Emperor? Meet Julius Caesar in the Ave Caesar slot game that will take you to his big palace. However, regardless of the magnificence of interior and epic sound effects, slot images will remind you of the popular Asterix & Obelix series. Centurions, beautiful ladies, and the Emperor himself look like cartoon characters, which gives the game a positive atmosphere. You will enjoy it! In addition, this 5-reel and 20 pay line slot currently offers £14,513 to win at Betsafe Casino.

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