5 Best Ancient Egypt Themed Slots


Posted: May 22, 2020

Updated: May 22, 2020

  • Slots about Egypt are one of the most popular in casinos
  • Here are five best games to try at 888casino
  • Cleopatra or Gods: what will you choose?

Egypt is called a cradle of civilization, so it predictably attracts game developers. In particular, many gambling games like slots follow certain periods in the country’s history to raise gamblers’ interest. Let’s see what best ancient Egypt themed slots are worth trying for getting familiar with its secrets.

Egypt has one of the longest histories of all countries. No wonder that it has found its place in many entertainment fields, from cinematography to gambling. Along with other old civilization-themed slots, Egypt has found its niche among slot games fans. There are many slot games featuring Egyptian motifs, but are they all worth trying? Here are our 5 picks of the best ancient Egypt themed slots of modern times.

Play Rise of the Pharaohs slot at 888

Rise of the Pharaohs is a great opportunity to get familiar with the old Egyptian culture. The 5-reel game has a realistic design of the ancient Egyptian civilization during Cleopatra’s reign with her image as one of the symbols. While playing, you can also collect other popular elements that existed in old-time Egypt: Tutankhamun mask, Anubis aka God of Death, the Eye of Horus. The intro to the slot is worth watching as it looks like the beginning of a Hollywood movie, so we don’t recommend skipping it.

best ancient Egypt themed slots
Check these pharaohs!

Developed by 888, Rise of the Pharaohs is available for playing at its online casino. It also offers a super attractive payout for trying this game. You can win more than $1.7 million exclusively at 888casino, so choose it to play Rise of the Pharaohs and other games from this top.

Dawn of Egypt is worth trying too

A good choice to familiarize yourself with the Egyptian theme is playing Dawn of Egypt (Play’n Go production). This 5-reel slot has many benefits, the main of them are high-quality visuals. Here you have to collect magic pyramids, images of Gods, sacral elements, and animals while sitting in a luxurious throne room. The Dawn of Egypt slot features good animations and music as well. If you are interested in the RTP ratio, it is about 96%, which gives you a high possibility of winning. 

One of the best ancient Egypt themed slots features coins

The Coins of Egypt slot by NetEnt is worth your time and money for many reasons. Firstly, it focuses on a narrow old-Egyptian theme – treasures. To hit the jackpot, you need to collect particular gems of various shapes and colors or coins with pharaoh’s carved faces. Can there be something better than making cash from collecting ancient gold and diamond trophies?

Coins of Egypt is a 5-reel slot with 3D graphical design and adventurous music like in Indiana Jones movies. Autoplay option is also available here, so you can just relax and watch over virtual money bringing you the real profit.

best ancient Egypt themed slots
What’s your favorite?

How to become a Lucky Pharaoh

If you want to feel like a lucky pharaoh, try the slot game of the same name. Some online casinos in the UK have the Lucky Pharaoh slot available for playing with a 95% RTP. The game is easy to play as it has a standard 5-reel structure.

It is a perfect slot for classic game fans. If you don’t like pretentious slot design, Lucky Pharaoh is what you need. The logo is the only thing that will remind you of ancient Egypt, but it is better than playing some cheaply-designed slots. This minimalistic game has lots of fans and you can be the next one.

Best ancient Egypt themed slots: Cleopatra

There is nothing to add more to the title. Cleopatra is a classic Egyptian-themed slot with a high user rate and worldwide popularity. Designed by IGT, Cleopatra has a bright and memorable design inspired by the last Egyptian ruler. While playing this slot, you will meet the Queen herself as well as recognizable landmarks and symbols of the country.

The game has 20 pay lines and 5×3 reels, while its RTP rate is more than 95%. The maximum you can win is 10.000x to your stake. You can also earn various bonuses like free spins if Cleopatra will smile on you from her image.

Read the review about 888casino and find all the 5 best ancient Egypt themed slots at this online casino site.

You can discover more about 888casino here.

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