Most Famous Female Gamblers Who Can Beat Every Man

  • Women are paid less attention in the gambling world than men
  • There are many skilled female players who have won many tournaments
  • What are their names and what casino games are they good at?

Gambling is usually thought to be a men’s activity, but many women enjoy playing casino games too. Some of them even managed to win big money in various tournaments and leave their male opponents behind. So, who are the most famous female gamblers and what gambling games are they good at?

Like any other activity associated with money, gambling is believed to be played mostly by men. However, many women play casino games no worse than men nowadays and are often even better at it. Unfortunately, female players still don’t get enough attention in the gambling world. Together with CyberSpins Casino, we will reestablish justice and tell you about 5 most famous female gamblers in the world.

The first woman to enter the Gaming Hall of Fame

We would like to start with a true legend in the gambling world. Although she wasn’t a poker or blackjack player, Claudine Williams did more to gambling business than any other woman. She was a pioneer in running a casino business in Las Vegas in the masculine era of the 1960s. Williams worked in a gambling business since she was 15, opened her own poker club in Texas at the age of 21, so her career path was really impressive. By 88 years, she has already managed a major Strip casino, Holiday Casino, and ran several restaurants offering gambling services. For her achievements, she became the first woman ever to enter Nevada’s Gaming Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, Claudine Williams died in 2009.

Most famous female gamblers
Traditional female gambler clothes

Vanessa Selbst is a #1 female poker player in the world

When it comes to women in gambling, Vanessa Selbst is the one who comes to mind first. She is one of the most famous female gamblers in the world and stays at the top of the best poker players. The professional poker career of this 35-years-old American started in the 2000s when she participated in her first WSOP in 2006. Did Selbst know then that she would become the only female player with 3 bracelets in open field events? Probably not, but it is a fact that Vanessa is the most titled poker player among women.

A few years later, Selbst became the only woman ever who reached the #1 ranking in the world on the Global Poker Index. In 2013, she won PCA high roller for $1.4 million and it allowed her to become the highest-earning female poker player in history. Throughout her career, Selbst won more than $11 million, so she’s definitely a living poker legend. 

Most famous female gamblers: Kristen Bicknell

A Canadian gambler Kristen Bicknell is among the best female gamblers ever. This 33-years-old woman is skilled in poker she has been professionally playing for more than a decade. She started playing poker at online casino sites and this practice turned out to be very successful. Nowadays, Bicknell is the closest runner-up to WSOP #1 Vanessa Selbst with 2 bracelets. She was also named the highest-ranked female poker player in 2017 among live tournament participants. In 2013 and 2016, Kristen won several mixed and ladies’ championships with a total winning sum of $500.000. By last year, her overall winnings came close to $5 million.

Most famous female gamblers
Female dealers are a thing too

Jennifer Harman is in the top-3 of the best female gamblers

Jennifer C. Harman accompanies Selbst and Bicknell in the top-3 of the most famous female gamblers. An American pro poker player is known for several achievements in the world of casino games. She won 2 World Series of Poker bracelets, which made her one of three women to have done so. Interestingly, Harman hadn’t taken poker seriously before the WSOP event in 2000. She once said she has only taken a quick gaming lesson before playing. Was this victory just a virtuous circle or a result of practicing poker at home, the history doesn’t tell. All in all, it and several other triumphs at big poker tournaments allowed Harman to win more than $3 million and enter the Poker Hall of Fame.

Meet Shannon Fadal: an actress and a gambler

One of the most famous female gamblers is Shannon Elizabeth Fadal. Initially, she was an actress and film producer, most known for her roles in American comedies Love Actually and American Pie. However, Fadal chose gambling as her second serious career a few years ago and succeeded in it! Shannon became a successful poker player and sharpened her gaming skills enough to win several poker tournaments. Overall, the actress won almost a quarter a million dollars while playing in land-based casinos and tournaments. We can bet that there are many successful performances at online casinos in the US as well, but Fadal prefers not to announce them.

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