Most Interesting Poker Games to Play

  • The game of poker is considered around the world to be the best card game ever invented.
  • One of the reasons for poker’s seemingly undying popularity has to do with the open-ended nature of the game.
  • The goal is to win the pot and be the last person standing.
Interesting Poker Games

The game of poker is considered around the world to be the best card game ever invented. Poker is virtually universal. It transcends language and cultural barriers and unites people of different ethnic backgrounds in a single common goal. That is to win the pot and be the last person standing. There are numerous interesting poker games you can play, both on and offline. 

Everyone loves to have a hobby of some sort or other to keep them busy. However, for many, poker is far more than just a mere hobby, it is a way of life and, for some, even a good way to make a living. You can even take your game around the globe without even leaving your room with top online poker sites such as Bet365 Poker, one of the leading poker sites around the world today.

Poker: Interesting than you thought it to be

One of the reasons for poker’s seemingly undying popularity has to do with the open-ended nature of the game. With the same standard playing deck of cards, clever poker players can come up with all sorts of variations on the standard game.

Interesting Poker Games
Poker never gets old

Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting poker games!

Three Card Brag/Teen Patti

Not strictly a poker variant, three card brag makes this list for three good reasons. It is similar to poker, the betting system is both brutal and interesting. And it can be used to spice up regular poker games, and it earned a lot of cool by featuring in a pre-Madonna Guy Ritchie movie.

Three cards are dealt face down to each player (this results in a different set of hand rankings to five card poker, so look them up before you play). And then the players have the option to play blind. If you chose to play blind you pay half the amount of an ‘open’ hand (i.e. one the player has looked at). Then the betting begins. The brutal part of three card brag is that to close the betting you have to ‘pay to see’. This involves doubling your opponents bet. If you don’t pay to see the betting simply continues. So if the starting bet is £10 and no one raises, folds or pays to see, then every player just keeps putting in £10 every round (until they run out of money and have to fold.


You know when a game of poker is called pineapple it’s going to be interesting! Like Texas Hold’em, Pineapple is a community card-based poker game. However, unlike Texas Hold’em, in Pineapple players start with three cards and not the usual two cards. The idea is to increase the chances of made hands betting against each other frantically, upping the ante and the action. Other versions involve getting up to five cards and discarding three. Its a terrible way to play poker, and that’s why it’s great.


The pretty odd sounding game of poker is becoming popular all over the internet and is essentially a version of lowball poker. In Badugi, suits play an important role in how the game develops. Because while the object of the game is to make the best possible low four card hand, pairs and similar suits will not count in your favour. The game is popular with experienced players who are able to take advantage of the games. It is considered to be different yet thrilling poker game.

Interesting Poker Games
Dogs love ’em too

Irish Poker

This game is a bit like Texas Hold’em and Omaha – and, hopefully, a little luck of the Irish when it comes to your own hand. It is also one of the most interesting poker games. Players begin with four cards and betting follows pre-flop in the traditional style. However, after the betting on the flop, players must discard two cards.

The game is then played out as in Hold’em. The discarding makes for some unique opportunities to cobble together a hand. But would those two cards you threw away have made a better hand once the turn is dealt? Irish poker has a bit more swing and twist than Hold’em. Also, the above statements are all part of the fun. Just think about those cards you’re sending back.


Vanunu was one of Daniel Negreanu’s favorite games growing up in Toronto, and he’s referenced it quite often. Players are dealt all seven cards face down and roll their own, one at a time. Bets are made until there are five up-cards and two down-cards. This card game then becomes a bit of an auction. Players can pitch a card back in. And a buy another after the last card is dealt face up, paying a predetermined amount for an up card and twice that for a down card.

In Negreanu’s version, each player had to declare low, high, or both by dropping coins on the table simultaneously – one for low, two for high, or three for both. Players declaring both must win both ways, or they aren’t awarded any of the pot. Additionally, if there are only multiple low declarations, the best low hand scoops the entire pot with no high hand. It’s a unique and interesting game with many variables.

So these were some interesting and different poker games we wanted to share with you. If you gained some motivation and want to try some of them, go try your luck at online poker sites in the US and enjoy!

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