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Posted: July 17, 2020

Updated: July 20, 2020

  • How to play Dream Catcher?
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Have you ever played Dream Catcher? This is an exciting casino game of luck that is somewhat similar to roulette but is mostly played live. Learn how to play Dream Catcher and use the best strategies to win it at 1xBET Casino.

If you have never heard about Dream Catcher, it is time to try this exciting gambling game of luck. It is played with a wheel, which makes it similar to roulette, but the rules of Dream Catcher are somewhat different. It is a live game that can either make you a millionaire or leave you broke. Let’s see how to play Dream Catcher, what tips to use to win, and what online casinos offer this game.

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Dream Catcher: introduction to the game rules

Dream Catcher is a popular casino game of luck. Its rules are easy to learn: the game uses a large wheel with 52 segments plus an additional two, of 2x and 7x value. To take part in betting on Dream Catcher, players have to choose the number the wheel will stop at. Only six numbers are available for betting on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40. If you bet and guess one of them, you win. In addition, your winning odds directly depend on the number you bet on. For instance, if you wager on 10, you will receive 10/1 payout and so on.

Apart from 52 repeating numbers, the Dream Catcher wheel also has two special segments – 2x and 7x. If the wheel stops at one of them, your bet remains the same in the next round. However, they will be multiplied either by 2 or 7. For instance, if you bet on number 10 to win and the wheel stops first at 2x and then on 10, you receive a 20/1 payout. In case if the wheel stops at a multiplier several times, the odds improve until it points on a common number. Therefore, you can increase your modest odds to dozens or even hundreds.

how to play Dream Catcher
Let’s spin!

The Dream Catcher game is usually played live in a studio, while players make bets at online casinos in Hong Kong. Let’s learn how to play Dream Catcher & win.

How to play Dream Catcher: best strategies

At first glance, winning Dream Catcher fully depends on luck. It does, actually, as one can hardly predict whether the wheel stops at one of 6 numbers or not. However, there are some tips that will help you to learn how to play Dream Catcher & increase your chances to win at online gambling sites in Hong Kong.

  1. First, learn the odds carefully. Before betting on any number, see how often it appears on the wheel: number one – 23 times, two – 15 times, five – 7 times, ten – 4 times, twenty – 2 times, forty – once. 2x and 7x segments also appear on the wheel just once. 
  2. Once you learn the frequency of the appearance of numbers on the game wheel, evaluate your winning chances. Obviously, the least frequent segments will bring higher profit, but they are rare. At the same time, numbers 1-10 have higher winning chances, but lead to modest payouts. 
  3. Decide what your aim and budget are before starting playing. If you can afford playing for fun, bet on less popular segments freely. However, if you aim to increase your income, better choose frequent numbers, and take smaller money. Don’t forget that you can always multiply your winnings thanks to 2x and 7x slots.
  4. Try the Big Risk Big strategy. This is the most popular winning strategy in Dream Catcher. It means betting on 20 and 40 only. Yet they cover only 5% of the wheel, the possible income is big. 

Where can I play Dream Catcher live?

Not all online casinos offer Dream Catcher for playing. Visit 1xBET Casino to participate in live Dream Catcher betting as it is one of just a few sites having this game. To play the game live, find the “live” section on the menu and check the games that are available now.

The RTP rate of Dream Catcher at 1xBET varies between 90.57% and 96.58%, which can result in high winning chances if you place your bets carefully.

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You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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