Historical OZ Lottery Winners Who Have Turned Their Life Around


Posted: July 17, 2020

Updated: July 17, 2020

  • These are some of the most unusual winners of the OZ lottery
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  • Brushing off your psychic's advice is not always a good idea

Ever wondered what it would be like to win a lottery? Waking up millions of dollars richer, your name making headlines in the local news, hundreds of missed calls on your number…. Certainly your life would take a turn to some side, no matter which. In order to know better about what happens when you win a lottery, let’s take a look at some stories of the historical OZ lottery winners.

Winning a lottery is quite a news by itself, but these are stories of people whose wins were so astonishing that it stands out from the rest. Some have won by the numbers you would’ve laughed off while names of some winners are still in the dark. In this article, we’ll look at the winners, how much they’ve won, the winning numbers etc. Also, we don’t want you to be left behind from the opportunity to put your name on this list. We’ll include some of the best online lotto sites in Australia where you can play OZ lottery. Who knows, next time we’ll be writing about you!

Proving his son wrong was better than being one of the historical OZ Lottery winners

For this father who lives with his two sons and two granddaughters, the prize money meant so much more than just money. When he heard the news that he as won a whopping $600.000 in January 2015, he was beyond surprised. He even had to ask the company to call him back. He told the media that he has started getting hot flashes and couldn’t think straight.

It has turned out that he has been purchasing the ticket for the lottery ever since it has started. His son used to disapprove of this tradition of his father since he thought that it was a waste of money. For a long time, it seemed like his son was right. The winner said that he considered himself lucky if he could earn his money for the tickets back. However, when he won the division 1 prize of the 1 million dollar lottery, he knew that he has become one of the historical winner of the OZ lottery. He’s planning to use the money for a new house where his grandchildren can run around.

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On Hunt for a Historical OZ Lottery Winner

Winning a lottery and losing it because you didn’t prove yourself to be the winner of the prize before the due date would make you the luckiest unlucky person ever. However, this is way more common than you think. There are hundreds of stories about people who have forgotten about their lottery ticket. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to get their fortune.

However, this one mystery winner was luckier than the others. In July 2020, one of the biggest prize winners of the last decade was drawn. Unfortunately, when the number for 50 million dollars was drawn on Wednesday, there was no body to claim it.

Naturally, the committee was on the hunt for the winner, but this time, they were more dedicated than ever. Since hundreds of thousands of people purchase the tickets for the OZ lottery, the search was not easy. However, they are getting closer and closer to finding the lucky winner. They have found the location of the ticket, which was the city of Shoalhaven. Now that they’ve determined the location, they’re urging all of the people who had an entry fro the lottery to check the tickets as soon as possible. Hopefully, this mysterious person would show up before the expiry date of the lottery.

What Started as a Bad Day Completely Changes Perth Family’s Life

When his wife called that they have won a division one prize in a lottery of 4 million dollars, the husband of the Pert family couldn’t quite believe it. Their financial situation was not quite ideal to say the least, and it was stressing the couple out. They have successfully matched 6 out of the 7 numbers. It’s hard to say that it was one of the most unusual stories, but it definitely is one of the historical OZ lottery winners.

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The winning numbers for the Draw 3541 on June 2015 was 39, 17, 30, 29, 15, 32 with a supplementary numbers 21 and 41. The right 6 numbers they’ve guessed have won the couple over 2 million dollars. Their plan for their new-found fortune is pretty common as the other winners. The couple have told the press that they’re planning to use the money for paying off their mortgage and to prepare for the early retirement.

Maybe psychics are right after all

When a psychic told a single father of two that his financial situation would soon look up, he has decided to believe in his luck. With his last money, he has bought a ticket for the upcoming lottery. Only 8 cents left in his account this was his last escort.

Then to his surprise the ticket he has bought with his last money has won him 1.5 million dollars. When they have announced the winning numbers, he had to check his ticket over 10 times. That’s how long it took him to believe that he was one of the historical winners of the OZ lottery.

Where to play OZ lottery?

Now that we’ve read about all these success stories of the historical OZ lottery winners, it’s time for us to try it ourselves. The luck can take anyone in his favor any day. You don’t have to have a psychic to tell you the upcoming luck, or dream about it like one of the weirdest wins in the lottery. In fact, you don’t even need to get out of your couch to try your luck on OZ lottery. All you need to do is to log into one of the online gambling sites in Australia. 

Our best pick to play OZ lottery is theLotter. Not only the site is easy to open a new account, it’s one of the safest. Now that you’re trusting your financial information with the site, we understand that privacy and safety should be the priority. theLotter can provide you with just that and much more. The banking options here has a pretty wide-range, they accept almost every kind of banking- crypto or normal. In order to know more about the welcome bonus and such, read a review about theLotter from our site.

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