How to Play Irish Lotto- Guide For Beginners


Posted: July 17, 2020

Updated: July 17, 2020

  • Playing Irish lotto is simpler than you think
  • Online sites would notify you about your winnings if you get one
  • bet365 casino is our best pick to play Irish lotto

Whether you’re resident of Ireland or participating from foreign country, playing Irish lotto is really simple. If you’re familiar with any lotto in any way, then you can just breeze through this guide. The minimum bets and draws are specified for the lottery. For those who are yet to learn about the lottery, here is a guide on how to play Irish lotto.

Now that the online gambling sites in the UK is getting more diverse than ever, anyone who wish to play would get an access to the lottery, regardless of their residence situation. Irish lottery is pretty popular worldwide thanks to their good odds and huge prize.

How to play Irish lotto- Guide for the beginners

As we’ve mentioned before, Irish lotto follows the classic lotto form. You can either buy the tickets from the licensed spots in Ireland or use one of the online lotto sites in the UK. Whether you’re playing online or the other way, there are few simple steps to follow. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Irish lotto.

  1. Buy a ticket for they entry in Irish lotto
  2. Decide on how many entries you want
  3. Choose six numbers from 1-47 for each line.
  4. Check the results

A single entry costs 2 euros, but the minimum number of lines you can enter the lottery with is 2. That makes the minimum cost of the ticket 4 euros. You can enter as many lines as you want. Also, you can use the same numbers for every entry, but using different ones would increase your chance of winning. If you’re playing online you can use the quick pick, which is a random number generator. They’ll pick the numbers for you in seconds.

how to play irish lotto
Let’s play lotto!

Another option you can choose is the Lotto Plus. For an extra euro, you can enter the Irish Lotto Plus, which also increases your chance of winning. Don’t forget to keep your ticket if you’ve purchased it physically. Once you’ve won any prize, you’d have to show the ticket to the office in order to prove that you have a right to accept the prize. Now that we’ve gotten an idea about how to play Irish lotto, let’s see some of the best online sites to participate in the lottery.

Why you should play Irish lotto online

Even though some prefer getting a physical ticket to show at the office when they win a prize, getting an online entry in the lottery definitely has its perks. Once you’ve started getting your tickets online, we’re sure that you won’t going back.

First of all, the most obvious reason of going for the online tickets is the convenience. Thanks to the online sites providing you the access, you don’t have to be living in Ireland in order to play Irish lotto. Also even if you’re living where physical tickets are available, it’s much easier to buy them online than going to the stations.

Once you’ve gotten the tickets, you don’t have to worry about keeping the ticket safe. The online copy of your ticket will be saved indefinitely, accessible to only you. Also they notify the players on the results of the lottery each week. So you wouldn’t possibly miss your fortune if you got one.

Best site to play Irish lotto

Our best pick to play Irish lotto is the bet365. Being one of the oldest online casinos in the world, bet365 casino has the safest and most diverse banking system. You can immediately withdraw your winnings under 1000 euros. Also the winning combinations and amount of the prize is exactly same as you’ve purchased a physical ticket. Basically, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy an online ticket.

Winning combinations of the Irish lotto

If you’ve read our article on how to win any lottery, you’d understand why Irish lotto wouldn’t be any different from the rest. As long as you know how to play Irish lotto, you basically have a same chance as every other player in the world. There are 8 winning combinations for the Irish lotto.

Any winning combination matching 5 numbers right as well as the bonus ball varies on each draw. Matching 2 with the bonus ball is an exception, the prize is always 3 euros. However, the rest of them depends on the number of people participated that week and the size of the prize pool.

how to play irish lotto
What’s your lucky number?

Once you’ve failed to claim your prize within the specified deadline, the prize will be retained by the National Lottery to promote the lotto and for other good causes. So make sure to check your emails since bet365  casino notifies the winners through email.

One of the reasons why people around the world are so keen to learn how to play Irish lotto is that the odds are relatively better than majority of the lottery games. Thanks to their 6/47 matrix, odds of winning any kind of prize is 1 in 64. The odds of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 10.737.573, which also is pretty good considering the usual lotto odds.

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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