Weirdest Wins in the Lottery

  • These are some of the most unusual wins in lotto history
  • Writing all 0s in your lotto ticket is not always a bad idea
  • You can never know what is going to win you that prize money
weirdest wins in the lottery

You wake up one day with your bank account richer by millions of pounds. The national TV invites you for an interview, there are more calls in your phone than you can handle. The financial freedom you’ve been longing for is at your door waiting for you. Everyone must’ve wondered about what happens after they win a lottery. There are some people who have reached their dreams in somewhat unusual ways. Here are some stories about the weirdest wins in the lottery.

Winning a lottery is already pretty striking event by itself. However, these are the weirdest wins in the UK lottery, that it stands out of the others. Either the prize of the lottery is outstanding, or the number that they’ve used to win the lottery is unusual. Some try to hide their winning lottery tickets in the fortune cookies while some simply stick it in their bra.

A message from the god? Lottery numbers appearing in a dream

Mega Millions is one of the most rewarding lotteries in the world, giving out some of the largest prizes in history. It also is one with the weirdest wins in lottery history. Entering the game is easier than you think. Since the game is so popular, it’s available in almost every online lotto sites in the US. However, we would recommend 1xBET Lottery, considering the fast payout time and banking options.

weirdest wins in the lottery
Was it the God of Luck?

A young couple from California has decided to get a ticket for the lottery when some numbers have appeared in Alex Escalera’s dream. Even though the couple didn’t expect that much at first, they’ve ended up winning almost $600.000 dollar. The numbers Alex has dreamed of was almost spot on, matching five of the six winning numbers.

Helping your grandson with their homework is a rewarding experience- Literally and Figuratively

Not every one is a fan of helping out their children with their homework.To be honest, who wants to stick for three hours in a chair trying to figure out fifth grade math? Apparently, this grandparents from Canada thought so. In order to enter the Canadian National Lottery, visit 1xBET Lottery.

When their grandson asked Nicole Pedneault and Roger Larocque to help out with his school project about Japan, they didn’t thought it would make them protagonists of one of the weirdest wins in lottery history. After they’ve found a Lottery Quebec winning ticket in the workbook, they were hesitant at first. Whole year has passed since the winning ticket was drawn. However, when they have asked from the Canadian National Lottery, they’ve realized that the expiry date hasn’t passed yet.

weirdest wins in the lottery
Those are some crazy stories.

One is not enough- Two in a row is always better!

Out of all the lotto strategies and winning techniques, keeping to the same number in each draw is probably the most popular. However, when the players were drawing up this technique, they probably didn’t imagine that the numbers will be exactly the same in two consecutive draws. Turns out it’s more common than you think! Some of the weirdest wins in lottery history is related to this kind of event.

In 2009, the winning numbers for the Bulgarian national lottery were 4, 15, 23, 24, 35, 43. Pretty normal numbers, right? However, people didn’t find it that normal when the exact same numbers have appeared in the next draw. What are the odds of that happening? Luckily, there were 18 players who were crazy enough to put the exact same numbers of the previous numbers in the ticket. You can try your luck too! Check out the online lotto sites in Bulgaria to participate in the national lottery.

Having a frequent in your restaurant is always a pleasure, the tipping is always good

When the frequent of the restaurant, detective Robert Cunningham has offered to split whatever he wins from the lottery ticket he has in his pocket, Phyllis Penzo took it as a light-hearted joke. However, she didn’t know that it’s going to be one of the biggest tip of her 24 years working as a waitress! The lottery ticket that was in Cunningham’s ticket ended up winning them 6 million dollars. Cunningham has kept his promise and shared his prize equally with his favorite waitress, making it one of the weirdest wins in the lottery history. The event was so striking that there’s even a movie about it called “It could happen to you”.

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