The Sinner Season 4 Special Bets Predict the Plot of the Famous Crime Drama


Posted: July 8, 2020

Updated: July 8, 2020

  • The Sinner is one of the most successful crime drama series on Netflix
  • Bill Pullman plays main character Detective Harry Ambrose
  • You can already make bets for the next, 4th series

One of the favorite Netflix series of crime drama fans, The Sinner has been renewed for another season after the success of the 3rd series. So Detective Ambrose will return again with a twisted story and a new main character to entertain us. To increase the excitement you can also guess the story line in The Sinner season 4 special bets. 

The Sinner is one of the most successful crime drama series on Netflix, thanks to its striking stories and great cast. Bill Pullman is perfect in the role of the only permanent character, Detective Harry Ambrose. He is also struggling with different issues in the series from his marital problems to disturbing memories from his past. Besides the detective, the Sinner, the person who commits a crime is in the focus in the stories. Which always have some surprising twists at the end. The first season of the series was nominated for two Golden Globe awards in the Best Miniseries and the Best Actress categories.  

Guess the sex of the killer in The Sinner season 4 special bets

After focusing on a disturbed woman and her killing in the first series, we could see a child and then a young teacher as main characters in the following series. Now online sportsbooks in the US are offering odds to guess if a woman will be the sinner in the 4th series. If you think, it’s time to bring back a female character, you’re not alone. Bookmakers think it’s a very likely option too with the odds of 1.87 at 1xBet Sportsbook. The critics liked the opening series the most, with Jessica Biel in the main role. She is now the producer of the series, with no real chance for her return. But of course, another actress can get the main role in the next series, with women killers seeming to be more interesting for the viewers. 

The Sinner season 4 special bets
Do you have a good tip for The Sinner season 4?

Will Harry be promoted or retiring in the next season? 

The Sinner season 4 special bets also offer bets about Harry’s future in the film. One bet suggests that he might get promoted with the odds of 3.00. It can happen easily as he solved another big case. He is also the most experienced detective in the local police department. Plus his old friend, the police chief was murdered at the end of the third season. So they would need a new boss now in the town. But it’s another question if Harry would take the position after his physical and mental problems. There was a suggestion about it in the last episode when he asked his younger colleague, Detective Soto to take over the lead. 

So another option, that he will retire in the next season might be closer to the story line. He has to be still active to lead an investigation. So probably it would happen at the end of the series which might mean the end of The Sinner. It has the odds of 5.00. Online gambling sites in the US are also offering the same odds for a bet regarding the death of Harry’s daughter. We could see her only in a few scenes so far.  But as Harry’s grandson was in danger in the last series, she can get into a similar situation easily. 

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