How to Bet on TVBet Games at 1xBET Sportsbook


Posted: July 9, 2020

Updated: July 9, 2020

  • Placing bets on live TVBet games can make you rich in 5 minutes
  • 1xBET Sportsbooks offers the widest range of lie gambling games
  • Learn how and where to participate if there is no access to 1xBET

Live TV betting is an exciting and relatively new way to earn money at sportsbooks. If you have never heard about it, here is an ultimate guide with detailed information. Learn how to bet on TVBet games, where to find the schedule, and what betting sites offer them apart from 1xBET Sportsbook.

Do you know all the ways to use online gambling sites in Finland for making money? You can bet on sports, politics, and other events at sportsbooks. You can play gambling games at online casinos. Apart from these two options, gamblers can also participate in live TV betting. TVBets is the most popular platform for doing it. We have collected everything you need to know about TVBet games.

What is a TVBet betting 

TVBet is a relatively new but already successful gambling game company that was launched in 2016. It makes live games and broadcasts them. In other words, it hosts various gambling games in a studio in real-time and offers people to bet on them. Usually, lottery games, card games, and wheels make up the most popular set of activities available for live betting. 

Various betting sites can offer different numbers of games for their users depending on their interests. For example, 1xBET provides mostly lottery betting, including Keno. However, poker, wheel, and special 21Bet are also available for betting at this sportsbook.

bet on TVBet games
Let’s discover TVBet!

How does live TV betting work

Before you bet on TVBet games, it is important to learn how to do it. The principles of live betting on games are simple: choose a sportsbook, pick a game, watch it live, and make your wagers. Let’s look at each point closely. 

  • To start betting on TVBet games, sign up for 1xBET Sportsbook (you will get bonuses as a new client). Then, find the live section on the menu and go to TVBet. You will see how many live games are being played right now or are scheduled for the near future.
  • Pick the game you want to bet on. Generally speaking, the Keno lottery is considered the most popular at TVBet ranking at #3 among all people’s favorite gambling games. Let’s take it as an example. To bet on Keno, you will have to pick the game from the schedule available at 1xBET. TVBet usually hosts dozens of games per day; once you enter the sportsbook, you will see when the next game starts. If you want to bet on Keno, choose any or all of the following odds: first/last number to be drawn, the sum of all numbers, number of a particular ball, number of digits.
  • Once you place a bet, wait for the draw to start and see whether you win or not. Usually, Keno draws take place every 5-10 minutes, so you can bet as much as you wish.

Where to bet on TVBet games

1xBET Sportsbook offers the widest variety of gambling games for betting on in European countries. There are 4 types of games available at 1xBET – poker, wheel, lottery, and 21Bet. Each game has its schedule, which updates once the previous game comes to an end. Also, each game has a wide variety of odds to allow you to bet more than at any other sportsbook.

There are plenty of other live betting options apart from 1xBET. Check online sportsbooks in Finland or any other country to find the list of betting sites offering to bet on live games. To find what sites provide this option, check the reviews, and pay attention to live games availability. Try to bet on TVBet games as it is a great possibility to earn cash literally in 5 minutes.

You can discover more about 1xBet Sportsbook here.

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