Joe Wicks Special Bets: Achievements in 2021

  • Haven’t heard about Joe Wicks? It is time to learn!
  • The Brit nicknamed The Body Coach can break records in 2021
  • Bet on Joe Wicks to be honoured for his advances using 1xBET special bets
Joe Wicks special bets

If you have never heard about Joe Wicks, it’s time to memorize this name. The most popular British fitness coach can receive some prestigious honours next year. Joe Wicks special bets at 1xBET show what good news he and his fans can await from 2021.

Joe Wicks’s name is familiar to every second fitness fan in Britain. The coach called The Body Coach is probably the most famous in his field. Thanks to Youtube and Instagram, Wicks made himself popular not only in the UK, but in some other European countries. Now he is predicted by online sportsbooks in Ireland to receive big awards next year. If you still have no clue who it is, here is a short introduction.

Joe The Body Coach Wicks is a 34-years-old fitness coach from England. He is also a TV presenter and author of books about workouts and diets. Wicks became popular in 2014, when he started posting nutrition & fitness advice on Youtube. Currently, his profile The Body Coach has 2.5 million subscribers.

Along with Youtube, British coach started to promote his Instagram and reached 3.8 million followers by July 2020. He also published several cookbooks with one of them sold 77,000 copies in its opening week. His achievements do not seem to be over as Joe’s odds on receiving special awards are good. Let’s take a look at them.

Joe Wicks special bets

Joe Wicks special bets: what honours can he receive?

1xBET Sportsbook made up predictions on Joe Wicks to receive special honours in 2021. He can be rewarded for promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as popularization of sports in the UK. Moreover, The Body Coach HIIT training method is really effective. Wicks regularly shares posts with his clients’ results on his Instagram and they look truly amazing! All this can result in Wicks to be praised for his work.

Firstly, there are 1.44 odds on Joe Wicks to be on the New Year Honours List. This is an annual British award that marks new members of orders of chivalry as well as other prestigious honours. The Queen herself praises people with most outstanding achievements and the British coach has very good odds to be among them.

Another popular Joe Wicks special bets at 1xBET touch upon his chances to receive a Knighthood in 2021. Odds are 51.00. This scenario is less possible, as mostly accomplished A-list stars receive this award. To be honest, The Body Coach is still far from being cult-favourite; he needs more time. However, his chances to be on the New Year Honours List are really high, so you can make good money on it.

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