5 Best Polish Football Clubs Ever And Now


Posted: July 9, 2020

Updated: August 14, 2023

  • Football is the most popular sport in Poland
  • What clubs are considered the best in the country?
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Football in Central and Eastern Europe also has strong clubs one should not underestimate. Apart from Hungarian, Romanian and Ukrainian top teams, Poland is the one that stands out from a crowd. Check the list of the best Polish football clubs ever & nowadays to see how successful and strong their players can be.

It is unsurprising that football is the most popular kind of sport in Poland. The most-watched sport ever came to this country in the 1900s with the very first club to be formed the same year. Like other European countries, Poland has its own successful domestic league called Ekstraklasa, which has been played since 1926. For almost a hundred years, there have been many outstanding football players and clubs, but who was the best? Check the top-5 of the best Polish football clubs ever and nowadays.

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KS Cracovia has gained points in Poland in recent years

Cracovia Krakow FC places 5th on our list. Although another club has entered the top-5 according to the latest Club World Ranking, we decided to put Cracovia here for a number of reasons. For your consideration, the club from Krakow occupies the 6th spot in the 2023 CWR list, being just a step behind the Golden Five. Why is it here though?

Firstly, Cracovia has a successful start in the 2023/24 season of Ekstraklasa. It has earned 7 points after three games, currently placing 3rd in the standings. Then, Cracovia made amazing progress among all Polish clubs in recent years. In 2019, it had 1333 points in the world’s ranking but added 438(!) in 2020 – more than any other Polish club did. For example, another popular Polish clubs, Lechia, had a quite modest progress as it earned only 14 points. Last year, Cracovia placed 7th at the end of the season, finally recovering from two mere years in Ekstraklasa. It has all the chances to remain in the top-3 in 2024. Finally, KS Cracovia won 5 domestic league titles, which is one of the best results. Add to this the Galician League trophy and several youth championships and the ideal 5th place holder is here.

best Polish football clubs ever
Let’s play!

Polish club Pogon Szczecin is 4th in our top-5

The 4th place belongs to Pogon Szczecin. Although it takes the 5th spot this season, the Szczecin-based team is 4th on the Club World Ranking list of top Polish clubs. With 1456 points (-10 in comparison to last year), Pogon holds is well-deserved spot among the best Polish football clubs ever and nowadays.

Recent successes of Pogon Szczecin look quite impressive, though it is far from being #1. In the past, the club was a two-times Ekstraklasa runner-up in 1987 and 2001. They became runner-up in the Polish Cup finale three times. However, Pogon seems to be one of the most persistent clubs today. Since 2020, it has never left the top-4 in the Polish top-tier league, while the destiny of the football team this year is also good. Players from Szczecin currently hold the 5th spot in the 2023/24 Ekstraklasa with 6 points and you can bet on them to win this season at Betway Sportsbook.

Piast Gliwice FC holds the bronze in 2023

One of the best Polish football clubs ever is Piast Gliwice. The club from the same-name city in Upper Silesia hit the top-3 thanks primarily to its triumph at the 2018/19 Ekstraklasa when it unexpectedly won the title with 72 points. It has been the first and only victory for 75 years of the existence of the club. Thanks to it, Piast Gliwice added an amazing 387(!) points in Club World Ranking and became the third most successful club in Poland. They placed 3rd next year and never left the top-6 since then.

In the 2023/24 season, Piast Gliwice comes a bit below expectations, currently holding the 10th place. However, its CWR rating is still high (5th place with 1437 points), while its players can still repeat their 2019 triumph and win the ongoing domestic league. Probably, they will top the list of the strongest clubs in Poland then.

Lech Poznań is one of the best Polish football clubs ever

The runner-up in the current season of the Polish football league and our list is Lech Poznan. According to online sportsbooks in Poland, Lech holds the second position both among the best clubs ever and strongest FCs in 2023. The team from Poznan aims for the Ekstraklasa title and has a good chance to win it this year as it shared 7 points with the leader after three games.

In general, many world football editions rank Lech Poznan first and Club World Ranking evaluates it by 1542 points. The club has significantly progressed on the list since 2020 when it was 3rd. If the club keeps playing like this, it has all chances to overcome the current 1st place holder in the near future.

best Polish football clubs ever
The best Polish football clubs ever!

During its 101-years-old history, Lech Poznań has won 8 Ekstraklasa championships, five Polish Cup titles, and six Super Cup trophies in Poland. Its international achievements are modest though with just two UEFA Europa League Round of 32 entrances.

Legia Warszawa is the most successful club in Poland so far

Legia Warszawa is considered the best football club in Poland nowadays. The squad from the capital city of Poland has plenty of achievements that confirm their superiority. They include 15 Ekstraklasa titles and a record 20 Polish Cup trophies that speak for themselves. It is far more than any other club can boast of. In addition, Legia Warszawa is the only Polish club to reach the Europa League knockout stage in the 2010s. It is also one of the oldest clubs in Poland with a long history that started in 1916.

Currently, Legia Warszawa tops the 2023/24 Ekstraklasa standings with 7 points and 6 GD. It surpasses its closest rival Lech Poznań and is likely to win this season by early-bird predictions. You can also bet on them at Betway Sportsbook as the club predictably leads the odds win another title.

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