How 5-Reel Slots Work: Guide and Comparison to 3×3 Slots


Posted: July 17, 2020

Updated: July 17, 2020

  • What are 5-reel slot games and where to find them?
  • Most slots you play at online casino are of this type
  • 5-reel slots vs 3-reel slots: an unbiased comparison

Slots are the most popular online casino game divided into three basic types that depend on the number of their reels. Today, we will see how 5-reel slots work, what advantages they can offer for players, and whether they are the best slots to play. 

Slot machines are divided into several types, primarily depending on the number of reels. They can be of 3-reel, 5-reel, or even 7-reel setup. Recently, we have explained how to play 3-reel slots and what strong sides they have. Let’s now switch to the most popular kind of slot games – 5-reeled – to see all their pros and cons. Moreover, we will compare 5-reel and 3-reel slot machines to learn which one is better to play to win.

How 5-reel slots work: common features

According to statistics, most of all slot games on the Internet have a 5-reel setup. Five-reel slots are an advanced version of 3×3-reel slots that derived from early fruit machines. However, they differ from their older counterparts not only by a reel number but also by advanced design and variety of themes.

Five-reel slot machines are the most popular and diverse at online casinos. Thanks to following various themes – from popular TV series to ancient myth & legends – every player can find slots fitting his taste. You can find the most unique and crazy slot themes at online gambling sites in the US.

how 5-reel slots work
What’s your favorite slot?

The last distinctive feature of 5-reel slot games is their setup. Unlike 3-reel slots, they have more pay lines. While three-reel slots usually have no more than 10 pay lines, the majority of their “younger brothers” have 20. However, some 5-reel slots are available with 30 or even 40 pay lines.

Benefits of playing 5-reel slots

Playing five-reel slot machines has its own advantages. Once you learn how 5-reel slots work, let’s take a look at the major pros of them.

  • As we have already mentioned, various topics are available to choose from in 5-reel slots There are countless 5-reel slot themes: sports, films & shows, ancient civilizations, Gods and Goddesses, fantastic beasts, dragons, and way more. Find a theme that fits your taste at Casino.
  • Most 5-reel slots are video or 3D slots. It means that they have a high-quality animation, visuals, and overall design of the game. All this makes five-reel machines more interesting to play.
  • Five-reel slots usually offer attractive bonuses and perks. As they are a bit harder to win, casinos often please their clients with great bonuses and free spins.

5-reel slots vs 3-reel slots

Both five- and three-reel slots have their own pros and cons. To learn what kind of game fits you, try both at online casinos in the US. However, if you would like to know how 5-reel slots work in practice and whether they win over 3×3 slots, here is their comparison.

5-reel slots are a perfect choice for those who enjoy the gaming process itself. Thanks to the variety of themes and improved visuals, five-reel slot games will entertain you like computer games or movies. However, winning them is also far from being the last thing. Most 5-reel slots have an RTP up to 97% and give higher payouts in case of winning.

At the same time, 3-reel slots are easier to play thanks to having just 10 pay lines. They will be the best choice either for newcomers or for gamblers, who prefer smaller but more frequent winnings. Unlike 5-reel slots, their 3×3 counterparts are usually games with three basic themes: fruits, 7s, and Jokers.

It’s up to you what you want to play! If you still doubt, just try the best 3D slots in 2020

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