Casinos Demand a Fair Shot at Online Gambling in USA

Fair play for casinos, tribes, lotteries and others, says online gambling lobbyist

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A lobbyist has recently told over three hundred and fifty gambling regulators and operators that land-based casinos want equal rights when, and if online gambling becomes a reality, and that there should be no preference or advantage to state lotteries, American Indian tribes’ businesses, or other gambling enterprises ahead of anyone else, United States gambling news reports.

With the issue over internet gambling sites in United States currently a hot topic at the moment, the subject has many focusing points, aside from just if online gambling will become a reality. One of the big questions on Frank Fahrenkopf’s, of the American Gambling Association, mind is just who will provide the games for this new enterprises if it ever gets off the ground?

Tribal sovereignty and implications needed to be addressed and looked at, long before they agreed to sign up and support any sort of law that would affectively legitimize internet gambling in United States. Mr. Fahrenkopf insists that the gambling world doesn’t need to be divided though.

“I try to tell our lottery friends this all the time … that every form of legal gaming must be treated the same and fairly, no one gets a leg up on anybody else. That’s been our position all the way through,” he recently commented. The lotteries themselves don’t believe him however. “Their view is that the casino industry is trying to screw them,” he added.

The American Gambling Association is currently trying to push a federal law that permits online poker, though local state lotteries are firmly against any change to the American gambling laws as they feel customers may not be willing to gamble on state lotteries, because they would turn to online gambling sites instead.

The American Indian gambling companies are also concerned, fearing that any attempts to adjust the law, could see their private business custom dwindle, as larger online casinos may swarm the market. As such, the American Indian companies are refusing to offer their backing to any legislation regarding online gambling, until they know that they are secure.

Mr. Fahrenkopf commented on the matter by saying that “tribes are never going to agree that they’ve got to go to a state government to get approval to run something, so you have to have the federal government involved to be the agency to work with tribes on licensing and regulation, so you need a federal presence.”

The future of being able to play online poker in United States, could still become a reality, though Fahrenkopf insists that there must first be a federal law that shuts down all of the estimated two thousands illegal online casinos across the country.

He also feels that trying to bid for a complete legislation over online gambling, including blackjack, slots, and other casino games would not be as successful as simply applying to have online poker legalised. While Mr. Fahrenkopf is looking for solution to please all the concerned parties, he is not optimistic a decision will be reached before November, due to the elections.

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