Cavaliers Welcome Star Player LeBron James Back with Open Arms

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NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers make certain risks and sacrifices to make space for James in a team that he will command.

LeBron James has recently announced that he is heading back home to where his spectacular basketball career started, the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, in order to accommodate him back to the team, the club had to trade several important players and a future first-round pick for almost nothing.

The Cavaliers traded Tyler Zeller, Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev so they could have enough room under the NBA’s salary cap to offer James a maximum value contract. However, they made the trades without knowing for certain whether James was serious in his intentions of returning home, therefore making the overall deals a risk for the team.

Cavaliers made sacrifices to have James

• James returns to first love Cavaliers

• Sings two-year initial deal, extension depends on TV agreements

• King James could net the city with more than $500 million in revenue

Luckily for the Cavaliers, James decided to grace the jersey that made him into a superstar in the first place. Had he opted to stay with Miami, the Cavs would have had to look elsewhere to strengthen their team, while also being susceptible to immense criticism from the fans and media for giving away great players

Jack has been a prominent member of the team, serving as a key rotational player. Zeller was young rising star with a promising future, while Karasev was one of the players that General Manager David Griffin admired, according to gambling news.

Griffin commented on the deal that the team decided to make in order to have James back in the squad. “For me, it was about taking a chance and having the courage to be in the discussion. And we have ownership that encourages those risks and will encourage those chances, it’s an investment you have to make.”

The risky trade maneuvers paid out tenfold for the Cavs. As soon as James made his intentions clear of heading back to Ohio, the Cavaliers were able to present him with the best possible contract offer and tie him down on a two-year deal.

Contract extension dependent on TV deals

The deal has a clause whereby James can opt out of the team from next season, should he find his success limited with the team. Once again, James will have the option to become a free agent and choose another team, however it is believed that the move is merely a financial strategy. Internet betting sites in the US are certain James will stay beyond the two years.

The imposing basketball player issued a letter to Cavaliers fans indicating he intends to stay put with the team until his retirement. “I always believed that I’d return to Cleveland and finish my career there.”

The two-year contract gives James leverage in terms of discussing any future deals. He is entitled to negotiate a long-term maximum salary contract when the new television deals are negotiated before the 2016-2017 season commences. A revised TV deal would lead to higher revenue which in turn gives way for a higher salary cap.

The possibility of another lockout in 2017 could probably affect salaries in the world’s most popular basketball league. In order to avoid that James is looking to have more open business opportunities. The Cavaliers on the other hand are fully assured that the two-time NBA champion will sign a long-term contract once the TV deals are done.

Cav fans may worry over the fact that the star player may leave them once again next season, considering that New York Knicks may want to make a move for James. Mobile casino gambling sites believe Carmelo Anthony is likely to leave so there will free space in term of salary structure. However, James’ letter should perhaps be a guiding point for the future.

General Manager Griffin over the moon with bringing back James

The Cavs had the opportunity to sign three exceptional talented players, but held back as they put all their hopes in luring back their old star. Gordon Hayward, Chandler Parsons and Channing Frye were all among the candidates to for the Ohio based team.

General Manager Griffin said in a statement, “We could not be happier to welcome LeBron James home. LeBron, through his essay, told us he wasn’t going anywhere except Cleveland and that Cleveland is where he always believed he would finish his career.”

He also added that, “These words and commitment put all of us, including LeBron, in the best position to build our franchise the right way and achieve the kind of goals we all know are possible. Expectations will be at the highest levels but no one should expect immediate and automatic success.”

It has been reported that the player’s return could potentially make the city more than $500 million through various business operations tied a man commonly referred to as “King James.”

Around $129 million would be generated through ticket sales alone, as many fans will flock to the arena to watch the talented forward play. Another $171 million would come in form of economic activity by massive crowd numbers in hotels, restaurants, parking spaces and so on. And finally, the playoffs are worth a staggering $195 million, if the Cavs manage to make it.

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