Champions League Draw – Semi Finals (2015/16)


Posted: April 15, 2016

Updated: April 15, 2016

Another milestone has been achieved as the Champions League draw for semi-finals has been held.

Only four teams stand a chance to win the Champions League after Wednesday night: Real Madrid, Manchester City, Atlético Madrid and Bayern Munich. These four teams are competing for European cup glory. Online sportsbooks in Germany give the best odds for Bayern Munich to win Champions League. However, nobody can take this competition for granted, not even Guardiola’s men.

Bet on Man City v Real Madrid

Champions League betting odds might not predict much success for Manchester City, however they are in the semi-finals and can be the underdogs who upset the betting odds for Champions League. They played a 2-2 draw against Paris Saint-Germain in France when everyone thought that the likes of Ibrahimovic will easily go through Pellegrini’s men. However, in the second leg they proved themselves to be better than PSG. Should their rival look down on them, they will be punished without mercy. After all, it’s the Champions League semi-finals…

Real Madrid are in the Champions League semi-finals despite the fact that they are said to be having a horrible season. In fact, they lost the first leg in the quarter-finals against Wolfsburg by 2-0 and they were expected to show a terrific performance on the second leg. Receiving only one goal at home could have been fatal. However, thanks to the class of Cristiano Ronaldo, they won by 3-0 and are expecting to fight for “La Undécima.”

UK betting sites
believe that the Royal Club are clear favourites for this clash as their strong is one of the strongest ones in Europe. In addition, they have great experience in playing semi-finals in  the Champions League as they have been in the top four for the sixth time in a row. However, Man City is ready to cause surprise and make it to the Champions League final for the first time in the history of the club.

Atletico Madrid v Bayern Munich betting odds

Atletico went through to the semi-finals after defeating FC Barcelona in a huge battle. They took the lead in Catalonia in the first leg, but Barca managed to come back and win the game thanks to the red card given to Torres. However, they played a perfect game at Vicente Calderón and their 2-0 victory sees them in the semi-finals. Fun fact: In 2014, when they lost the final against Real Madrid, Atletico qualified to the semi-finals through Barca.

The Champions League draw for the quarter finals sorted Benfica against Bayern Munich, a clash which seemed incredibly one-sided. However, Bayern only won by 1-0 in Allianz Arena and the second leg was almost exciting when Benfica took the lead at home. However, when Bayern scored again, the encounter was basically decided: it was impossible for Benfica to win by 2 goals against Pep Guardiola’s men. They are now favourites to win the title according to all those football enthusiasts who like to bet on sports in the EU.

I’d like to refer back to the fun fact about Atlético: back in 2014, when Atlético made it to the semi-finals upon defeating Barca…the eventual winner won the title after eliminating Bayern Munich in the semis. Atlético and Bayern are obviously two great teams, but only one can make it to the last round. Online sportsbooks prefer Bayern, but Atlético have proved on several occasions that they are not afraid of the bigger name…

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