Champions League Hero Roberto Di Matteo Sacked Again


Posted: October 4, 2016

Updated: October 4, 2016

Italian football manager Roberto Di Matteo was sacked as Aston Villa’s manager due to a series of horrible performances.

Online betting news in the UK report that Aston Villa is once again ahead of finding a new manager. Upon the club has been purchased by Chinese businessman Xia, the new owner also offered a contract to Roberto Di Matteo, who spent a fortune in hopes of strengthening the squad of the English football club.

However, the team has been huge underachievers in the second division. Upon the lead of Roberto Di Matteo, the team has taken the 19th position in the Championship, not a very prestigious place for a team that was in the Premier League the previous season. The Italian football expert was at the helm for no more than 12 matches.

Appointing Di Matteo might not have been such a great decision

Roberto Di Matteo has gained himself a name in the football world when he took over Chelsea after Abramovich sacked André Villas-Boas. He was appointed as the Portuguese’s replacement in March, 2012 and has been Chelsea’s manager until the same year’s November. The very first season was enough for him to make history.

Roberto Di Matteo, with huge amounts of luck, has lead Chelsea to the Champions League final where they managed to defeat Bayern Munich, God knows how. Or maybe not even God does, but Chelsea won and Di Matteo became the most successful manager of London, if we talk about European trophies only.

However, his glory didn’t last too long: the beginning of the next season didn’t start as the club owner Russian would have expected. Roberto DI Matteo was sacked 3 months after the season has started. He has been replaced by Rafa Benítez, who wasn’t much of a help for Chelsea either. But Di Matteo didn’t quit football, he thought winning the Champions League was not the peak of his career. He had to go on.

Schalke also sacked Di Matteo

After a long break, Di Matteo was finally offered a job, which he was happy to take: He replaced Schalke 04’s Jens Keller in October 2014. The team was in a horrible condition when he took over. In the middle of the season, online sportsbooks in Germany believed he will be able to help the team to qualify for next season’s Champions League.

However, they won only 2 out of their last 10 games, which cost their place in the most prestigious continental club competition. They finished 6th which was only enough for Europa League participation. The Champions League hero Italian manager decided it’s best for everyone if he resigns.

Di Matteo didn’t get too many offers…

As mentioned before as well, Tony Xia, Aston Villa’s new chairman, has appointed the Italian as the club’s new manager back in June. The rest is history: Roberto Di Matteo was sacked on Monday, 3 October by the club’s chairman. It’s still unknown where and when will Di Matteo be able to continue his career as a manager, if he continues his career as a manager.

They say that real strength is proven not when you manage to keep standing at all times, but when you’re knocked down yet you manage to get up again and again. However, it’s up the individual to decide whether it’s worth forcefully trying to achieve something in which you’re just not good at. With all due respect, maybe Di Matteo should realize that failing everywhere is not just an unlucky coincidence.

Bet on the new Aston Villa manager!

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The latter one believes that Steve Bruce is the most likely candidate to replace Champions League hero Roberto Di Matteo. His odds are (6/4) at BetVictor to be the new Aston Villa manager. Other likely candidates are David Wagner and Dean Smith, but famous world stars like Alan Shearer, Roy Hodgson and Ryan Giggs are on the list as well.

Who do you think is going to replace him? Which one of them do you think is good enough to be the new Aston Villa manager? Make your bets at your favourite online sportsbooks!

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