Champions League QF Draw: Bet on the SF Qualifiers!

Champions League QF Draw

Today at 12 AM (CET), UEFA held the Champions League QF draw in Nyon, Switzerland.

And that means that from now on, all online sportsbook news sites in Switzerland as well as all around the world can start making their Champions League betting predictions. We know who will play who in the Quarter Finals, but what are the better teams? Which teams should you pick for semi-final qualification? Which stars will fall this round?

Bet on Barcelona v Roma

Barcelona’s opponent were -out-of-form Chelsea in the Round of 16. While the English side kept a good game at Stamford Bridge, they were powerless in Camp Nou. After the 1-1 draw in London, they travelled to Barcelona only to concede in the 3rd minute. Messi was top class once again, and now Barcelona are hoping to go even further.

AS Roma knocked Shakhtar Donetsk out in the Round of 16. That pairing was possibly the weakest one in the previous round and all teams are hoping to face AS Roma. Of course there are no weak teams in the Champions League Quarter-Finals, but AS Roma is far away from the top teams at the moment. I personally do not think you should bet on Roma to qualify for Champions League semi-finals.

Especially after this Champions League QF draw. Anyone sane would instantly pick Barca to reach UCL semi-finals in this pairing. Placing a bet on Roma beating Barcelona would pay well but it’s pretty much impossible. This encounter is not expected to be extremely exciting…

Odds for Sevilla v Bayern Munich

Sevilla’s participation in the Champions League QF draw is one of the biggest surprises of all. They were playing against Man United in the previous round, and while all Champions League betting tips would have suggested picking Mourinho’s team to go through, they failed to beat Sevilla – Ben Yadder’s double at Old Trafford secured a place to the Andalusians in the QFs. Can they make another surprise this round?

It’s really hard to talk about Bayern Munich this season. They started weakly but after Jupp Heynckes arrived, everything turned around. They are yet to face a real challenge – Besiktas, with all due respect, is not that level. The 8-1 aggregated result says that quite clearly. Can Bayern make it to the Champions League Semi-Finals?

Heynckes’ men should prove their superiority to La Liga’s 5th placed team. They might have won against Man United, but that was more like a great failure for José Mourinho’s approach rather than a heroic performance from the Spaniards. Bayern should see Sevilla off this time and reach the semi-finals, that’s what we can expect based on Champions League betting odds.

Juventus v Real Madrid betting tips

Juventus are one of the most interesting teams in the Champions League QF draw. They played Tottenham Hotspur in the Round of 16 and Tottenham dominated both legs, for like 140 minutes out of 180. However, Juventus scored 2 goals within 10 minutes on both legs – when they needed the most, they scored. And they are last season’s runner-ups. How far can they go this season?

Real Madrid faced Paris Saint Germain in the Round of 16, and while all online sportsbook sites in Switzerland expected Neymar and Mbappé to knock Zidane’s men out of the Champions League, the Galacticos gave no chance for the French-Qatari side. The back-to-back Champions League winners won both legs and qualified easily for the Quarter-Finals.

Real Madrid have not lost a single UCL encounter in two years. However, it was Juventus who knocked them out in 2015. It was also Juventus who lost to Real Madrid 4-1 in the final of 2017. This one will probably be the most interesting derby this season. Can Juventus beat Real Madrid?

Liverpool v Man City odds

Jurgen Klopp’s hard work is finally paying off as Liveprool is participating in the Champions League QF draw this season. England’s record Champions League winner took a long break from the most prestigious cup tournament but they are in the top 8 teams in the world once again after easily beating FC Porto.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City is expected to win Champions League this season. They are the biggest favourites according to several sites in the online sportsbook directory. However, similarly to PSG, they still haven’t had the chance to prove their skills against a top class team either.

The Champions League QF draw made sure that there will be one Premier League team in the Champions League semi-finals. While all betting sites expect it to be Man City, Liverpool are actually the only English team who stand a chance against Pep’s men. Who will qualify, Pep or Jurgen?

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