Check Out the Extended Christmas Number 1 Single Betting Odds

christmas number 1 single betting odds

Christmas songs have the tendency to linger in our mind for a pretty long time, but each year there’s only one that takes the crown. There are classics – such as Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas – that are likely to return to top on an annual basis, yet the chance for a new classic to emerge shouldn’t be discounted either. That’s why you’ll meet new faces, like Ariana Grande, on our extended list of Christmas Number 1 Single betting odds!

If all you want for Christmas is some money, you might as well stay here and examine the odds for the number one Christmas single in the UK. The white Christmas is a gamble, but it’s surefire that we’ll have a single that tops the charts during the festive season. The question is: do new artist stand a chance against Christmas-giants like Wham? Mariah Carey might own the global license for Christmas, but Adele and Ariana Grande might be coming for her in 2017.

Christmas Number 1 Single Betting Odds


No. Artist or Group Odds
1 Mariah Carey 50/1
2 David Bowie 7/1
3 Ariana Grande 33/1
4 Adele 6/1
5 Ed Sheeran 10/1
6 Justin Bieber 12/1
7 Wham! 29/40
8 Rihanna 33/1
9 Katy Perry 50/1

Mariah Carey, the queen of Christmas

Ever since its release, Mariah Carey classic, All I Want for Christmas, is considered the epitome of modern Christmas songs. This song is considered the decade’s most popular Christmas song in the United Kingdom, therefore it has a rented place on the charts during the festive period. It’s surefire that we’ll see it climbing the charts this year as well but it’s up to the competition, whether it will become the Christmas Number 1 in the UK this year.


Adele and Ed Sheeran to attack the Christmas charts?

If Adele could make some time in between accepting awards and helping people in need, she might as well team up with Ed Sheeran to record a Christmas song, as the latter has been planning for a while. “I want us to do a cover of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” said Sheeran to The Sun a few years ago. If this duet – or something along the lines – comes to fruition, streaming services, iTunes, and the charts should start saving up for stronger servers right now.


Ariana Grande and the new classic

Ariana Grande has been compared to Mariah Carey throughout her whole career, though she has yet to come close to the overall success of Carey, let alone the success of All I Want for Christmas. The 24 year-old vocalist released her Christmas album, Christmas Kisses, in 2013. The song “Love is Everything” charted at 15 on the US Holiday 100, and her interpretation of “Santa Baby” peaked at 155 on the UK Charts. Could she recreate, or exceed, the Carey’s success on the Christmas charts?


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