The go-to site for Muay Thai betting odds is 1xBet Sportsbook, where you can view the odds in American, Asian, as well as European format. The only downside is that you’ll have to check back daily, as placing long-term bets on Muay Thai is not yet an option. In our guide, you’ll learn how to optimize the site for your preferences in order to be able make the most of the odds. ... read more

Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan lead the betting lines for season 6 of Asia’s Next Top Model. Once again, the stats are not in harmony with the odds: data shows that Mia Sabathy should be leading the list. However, we are only on Episode 4, so a lot could change in regard to the betting odds. ... read more

We are used to lottery draws being weekly events, but things are changing in parallel with the pace of our lives. The jackpots of classic lotteries might be very attractive, but nobody wants to wait anymore, especially, when modern lotteries are available whenever and wherever you want. Get introduced to the world of Live Draw Lotteries, choose your favourite, and enjoy the draws when you want! ... read more

Taylor Swift can snatch everything – awards, certifications, haters, headlines, and our wigs – so betting on hers to become the most-subscribed YouTube channel by the end of 2018 wouldn’t be that far of a reach. However, this time, the Queen of Snakes has serious competition, most importantly PewDiePie, Justin Bieber, and Hole Soy German. Does she stand a chance? She sure does: the devil is in the statistics. ... read more

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I must admit: throwing tomatoes at others sounds very satisfying, so today there will be no questions asked about the forces behind La Tomatina, the Spanish tomato throwing festival. If you like tomatoes but prefer not to marinate yourself in their juices, you came to the right place: instead of tomatoes, I’ll throw bonuses at you. Ready? ... read more

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The bookies do not think Iceland have realistic chances against Switzerland at League A Group 2 of the Nations League. Then again, the Vikings had been huge underdogs at the last European Championship and brought massive returns for those betting on them. Are the official Switzerland vs Iceland betting odds biased, then? ... read more

From the outside it seems like he has it all, but don’t be fooled: there’s always that one thing that’s missing. David Beckham’s impact is undeniable, but it takes more to score that much desired ‘Sir’ title. From tax issues to Beckileaks, we’ll explore what blocked Beckham from receiving knighthood in the past and review his chances of securing it in 2018. ... read more

Taking a summer break from repeatedly driving around corners quickly the F1 circus has taken to its second favorite pastime instead, rumor mongering. But as gossip flies hither and yon as to what the rest of the season, and indeed those seasons yet to come, will bring there’s one story that has left them all for dead and thrown the odds on next year at sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, into the spotlight early and posing the question; Is Daniel Ricciardo out of his tiny mind? ... read more