From Zidane to Bale through Messi and Drogba: the Best Champions League Final Goals Ever

  • Everyone's seen Zidane's volley against Bayer Leverkusen
  • Drogba won Chelsea's one and only Champions League trophy with his header
  • Real Madrid would still be fighting for La Décima if it weren't for Sergio Ramos
  • Gareth Bale won Real Madrid's 13th UCL trophy with a bicycle kick!
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It’s obvious that we have seen one of the best Champions League final goals ever scored in this season’s final…

…but online sportsbook news sites in Spain can’t satisfy with just that much. They want to find out more about the best Champions League final goals ever scored. That’s why GamingZion tried to help them: here is our list of the best Champions League final goals of all time!

5. Messi’s long range against Man United in 2011

Manchester United were the very first team in the history of Champions League who had the chance to defend their Champions League title. They won the trophy in 2008 with Cristiano Ronaldo leading them. The next year, they made it to the final in 2009 as well. That’s where they had to face Pep Guardiola’s dreadful Barcelona.

Man United lost 2-0, but in only 2 years, they were about to take revenge. Another Barca v Man Utd final in the Champions League. Barca took the lead but Rooney equalized in the first half. But Lionel Messi decided in the second half. His long range shot broke Man United, who failed to make another comeback. Barca won 3-1 eventually and beat MU on both UCL finals.

4. Sergio Ramos’ header against Atletico Madrid in 2014

The very first city derby in the history of Champions League finals took place in 2014. Two Madrid-based teams faced each other in the end of that season. They met in Lisbon. Atleti seemed to have the game under control: they took the lead in the first half and Real Madrid’s pressure seemed ineffective until the very last seconds.

When everything seemed to be lost for the Galacticos and Atletico Madrid were about to celebrate the very first European Cup victory in the club’s history, Sergio Ramos came to destroy it all: At 92:48, he scored from a header after Modric’s corner and flew his team from hell to heaven. The rest is history: Real Madrid trashed Atletico on extra time, scoring 3 more, and that’s the story of La Décima.

3. Drogba’s header against Bayern Munich in 2012

Similarly to Sergio Ramos, Drogba also saved his team. He did that a few years earlier. Bayern Munich were to clear favourites to win the Champions League title that year. Especially because they were playing the UCL final at home: Allianz Arena gave venue to the most important event of club football that year.

Thomas Müller took the lead for Jupp’s men. At that point, it seemed like they will win the title. But the Ivory striker was of a different opinion. Didier Drogba equalized after a header from a corner in the 88th minute. His team got another chance. They gained 30 additional minutes. The encounter went on to penalty shootout. In here, Didier Drogba was the hero again. The striker scored Chelsea’s fifth penalty. It won the very first (and still only one) Champions League trophy for Chelsea in the history of the club.

2. Zidane’s volley against Leverkusen in 2002

Another Real Madrid goal must be mentioned when we talk about the best Champions League final goals ever. Zinedine Zidane, who has become a legendary Real Madrid manager in only 2,5 years, was also a legendary Real Madrid player. His volley in the 2002 UCL final will be remembered for eternity. In 2002, Real Madrid played the Champions League final against Bundesliga-side Bayer Leverkusen.

Raúl took the lead for Real Madrid as early as the 8th minute. Lúció equalized within 5 minutes, and only one goal decided about the trophy in the remaining 77 minutes. No trophy-deciding goal can be named simple, but if you take a look at Zidane’s volley, you can easily think, this was the best Champions League final goal of all time! At least, you could have thought that up until 26 May, 2018…

1. Gareth Bale’s bicycle kick against Liverpool in 2018

Real Madrid have done the impossible last season upon defending their Champions League title in Cardiff. And Real Madrid continue making history upon becoming back-to-back-to-back UCL winners by the end of season 2017/18. They reach the Champions League final this season upon eliminating PSG, Juventus and Bayern Munich.

They faced 5-time UCL winner Liverpool in the final in Kiev. The match was pretty balanced up until the moment that Gareth Bale entered the pitch. That substitute changed everything. The Welsh crack had an amazing evening on 26 May. In addition, he probably even scored the best Champions League goal of all time. His movement won the trophy for Real Madrid. If we disregard Bale’s second goal of the night, of course.

What do you think, did we miss out any legendary Champions League final goals? Which one is your favourite? Should we join online sportsbook sites in Spain to bet on the Puskás Award 2018 to be Bale, or you think you can name any better? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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