Check Out the 2018 Crossfit Pacific Regional Betting Odds!

Crossfit Pacific Regional betting odds

Regionals are as tough as the Open; if not even more. To win, the Crossfit athletes will have to make it through every challenge thrown in their way and come out at the top. So take a look at the Crossfit Pacific Regional betting odds for those who would likely make it!

2018 Crossfit Pacific Regional is one of the last three regionals of the year. The other two include Atlantic and Meridian Regionals. No matter where the Crossfit athletes are in the world, they will be doing the same sets of exercises in the forms of long events, short events, heavy-lifting and gymnastics.

According to online gambling news in Australia, Asia and Australasia are the sub-regions of the Pacific Regional. 10 individuals from Asia and 30 from Australasia will be competing from the 1st to 3rd of June 2018. Some of them will be flying to Qudos Bank Arena of Sydney, Australia to prove their fitness. Now let’s dive into Crossfit Pacific Regional betting odds!

Should You Bet on Tia-Clair Toomey or Kara Saunders?

Tia-Clair Toomey is the automatic answer. She is the 2017 Crossfit Games winner and is definitely targeting this year’s title as well. If you want to know Toomey’s chance of winning this year, read here. As crazy as it might sound, 2018 Crossfit Pacific Regional odds tell us that she is not the lead.

Online gambling sites in Australia actually estimate better odds for Kara Saunders (1.606) to win Crossfit Pacific Regional than Toomey (1.740). Saunders is better known as Kara Webb, her name before marriage. Yes, the newlywed is 2017’s second fittest woman in world.

2018 is Saunders’ year. In the Open round, she is ranked number 1 of the Australasia sub-region ahead of Toomey. Truth be told, a bet on one of these two Aussie women will never go wrong!

The Men’s Side of the Competition is More Vague

Winning the Pacific Regional means a chance to compete in the 2018 Crossfit Games. However, the Men’s competition in the Pacific Regional is a little bit ambiguous. As in, we don’t know who to expect which makes everything more exciting!

The Crossfit Pacific Regional betting odds seem to favor Zeke Grove and Khan Porter who both have the same winning odds at 3.090. This is not the only thing they have in common. Both Grove and Porter were former Australian national rugby players. Both are considered finest athletes in the Australian Crossfit community!

With that being said, online sports betting sites in Australia actually give the best odds for The Field (2.100) to win 2018 Crossfit Pacific Regional. The Field is basically any other male athletes who are not in the list. This shows us that anyone could win in the Men’s side!

Bet on the Crossfit Pacific Regional 2018!

The bookies’ favorite to win the Women’s Division has to be Kara Saunders (1.606). Keep in mind that Tia-Clair Toomey (1.740), the fittest woman in the world, also has great winning odds. Due to variability in the Men’s Division, The Field (2.100) becomes the best betting option. So hurry up and bet on the 2018 Crossfit Pacific Regional at Pinnacle Sportsbook now!

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