Chilean Gaming Hall Legalization Expected

Neighborhood slots parlors will soon open in Chile

The Chilean Ministry of Finance has drafted a bill that would legalize neighborhood slots parlors, thereby legalizing such gaming machines of the country’s casinos. The proposal reflects on the growing popularity of slot machine gambling, with hundreds of illegal devices popping up in various shops and other unlicensed establishments.

Chilean gambling laws make it illegal to operate slots outside casinos, but the government has opted for regulation instead of futile efforts to enforce a complete ban.

According to Undersecretary Julio Dittborn, “gambling is prohibited by default. Only a special law can allow them. Such is the case for casinos and such will be the case for these slots parlors as well, which will become legal because they will be regulated by law. ”

The country established a cap on casino licenses in 2005 and has no plans to amend the applicable rules, but is opting to authorize such alternative gambling establishments instead.

Superintendent of Casinos, Renato Hamel was quick to point out that these gaming halls would definitely not become new casinos. “The nature of business is totally different. Through this initiative we are not authorizing casinos. Casinos are allowed five categories of games, as well as having permission to feature restaurants, bars, event halls, hotels, and can sell alcohol – things that would not be allowed in this case,” said the official.

The newly regulated establishments will be required to apply for a special license, keep out underage gamers, stay far away from school and college premises, and observe other restrictions, too.

The bill will go before the legislators within weeks and will expand the gambling options available to Chileans. These options currently include brick-and-mortar casino gambling and betting on sports in Chile.

Betting can be done both offline and online, with the latter method being one of the two forms of legal online gambling in the country. The other one is playing the lottery. Considering, however, the realistic and permissive approach demonstrated by the government, it may not be far fetched to expect them authorizing online casinos in Chile. Eventually.

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