Chinese Police Investigating Explosion at Illegal Gambling Den

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Police are trying to find those responsible for the explosion at an illegal gambling den in Guizhou.

Fun and games turned into tragedy on Monday, when 15 people were killed by an explosion at an illegal gambling site in the Chinese province of Guizhou. According to local gambling news, another eight were badly injured and the police have started an investigation.

With Chinese gambling laws strictly forbidding casino games, players gathered at a tent set up on a flat area in the mountains to enjoy some gambling. The illegal gambling site was located on a mountain slope in the Laoshan Village of Kaili City. Police officers say the blast occurred at 2:40 pm on Monday and left a suspicious crater under the tent.

More than 1,600 suspects caught

Three people surrendered to the local police and another five suspects were detained. On Tuesday morning, the Ministry of Public Security sent a special team to help with the ongoing investigation.

Soon after investigations started, local authorities in Guizhou ordered the arrest of a 35-year-old man surnamed Wu suspected of being involved in the blast. The man is a resident of Shibing County in Guizhou and police say he has a history of drug abuse.

Now authorities are coming down hard on players involved in illegal activities. Police officers have raided 140 gambling sites during the past 24 hours and captured more than 1,600 suspects.

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