Colorado to Discuss Online Gambling in 2014

In 2014, Colorado state officials are picking up the debates on changing gambling laws and considering legalizing online casinos

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Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey took the first steps towards legalizing online gambling, but they might be in for some serious competition in 2014.

After changes in American gambling laws brought internet gambling to Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, new states are planning on changing their policies in order to welcome new investors.

Lawmakers are starting to look at online gambling sites in the US as an opportunity for significant tax revenues. Since they first discussed it in 2012, Colorado officials have not managed to agree upon when and how internet casinos should become legal in the state, but they haven’t given up either.

The subject should be back on the table in 2014. Executive director of the Colorado Gaming Association, Lois Rice told the press: “We had talked very late in last year’s session with some legislators who were interested in pursuing it. We’re still exploring it.”

The state already has around 40 land-based gambling venues cashing in a total profit of $761 million, so lawmakers are naturally concerned with the effect online casinos in the US might have on their business.

However, Adam Krejcik, managing director of Eilers Research, believes that online and offline casinos can grow independent of each other and predicted a profit of $30.4 million to $37.8 million for the internet gambling industry.

For now, legalizing online casinos in Colorado is still up for debate, but seeing tax venues go up for New Jersey might finally convince lawmakers to welcome investors who have shown interest in developing an online gambling industry in their state.

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