Costa Rica Politics Odds on Presidential Election Runoff

Costa Rica Presidential Election April 01

The evangelical preacher Fabricio Alvarado and the centre-left Carlos Alvarado are assumed to be neck-and-neck in less than a month before the presidential election runoff. Costa Rica politics odds suggest a dead heat with unpredictable results.

According to online sportsbook news in Costa Rica the two rivals have surged unexpectedly in the first round of the presidential election in last February 04, albeit they gained very close percentage of the votes. Fabricio Alvarado from the National Restoration Party gained 24.8% of the votes, and Carlos Alvarado from the Citizen’s Action Party had 21.8% of the votes. The two rivals had celebrated victory, although failing to secure enough votes to win outright. Do you think they will continue to be neck-and-neck in Costa Rica politics odds in the second round?

New Political Map in Costa Rica

The elections have shown a profound change in the political map of Costa Rica and in the popular response to the country’s marginalized areas. Adding to that, there has been a huge impact of religion-driven voters in the first round. These voters are expected to continue engaging in the second round as well.

Without due notice the ruling of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in favor of same-sex marriage on Jan-9 took place at the height of the campaign, shaping a polarized debate between those who feel Christian values are threatened, and those who believe Costa Rica must advance in ensuring the rights of sexual minorities. Which group do you think could outnumber the other in near future?

Costa Rica politics odds on Fabricio vs Carlos

Costa Rica Politics

(source: AFP Photo/Jorge Rebndón)

Fabricio Alvarado 42-year-old is a right-wing evangelical preacher, a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, and he believes family is the fundamental basis of society. His campaign is largely connected to the 30 years of the evangelical churches work with abandoned communities that have educational and labor instability or violent situations. But does his campaign represent the will of the majority of people in Costa Rica?

According to online sportsbook news in Costa Rica many people do support same-sex marriage and perceive the 38-year-old Carlos Alvarado a centre-left fiction writer and former government minister for social inclusion as more hopeful to the future of the country. It is very difficult to outweigh one candidate over the other as recent polls show Carlos Alvarado at 41 percent versus 39 percent for Fabricio Alvarado among eligible voters who plan to head the polls on April 01.

Pick the next president of Costa Rica

The two rivals share the same Costa Rica politics odds at Betsupremacy Sportsbook. The odds are (1.85) for both candidates, which makes it even more difficult to pick the outright winner. Thus since the majority of votes are almost evenly divided between the two rivals, the undecided voters will be the ones to elect the next president of the country. Those voters are around 20% and it is only about the time until one of the two runners win the heart of the undecided people.

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