Could Shannon Briggs’ Failed Drug Test Mean the End of His Career?

Shannon Briggs boxer

The news of Shannon Briggs’ failed drug test is now well know, but does this mean the champ’s career is over?

Let’s not go champ. Shannon “the cannon” Briggs has emerged as one of the most colorful personalities in boxing over the past few years thanks to his motivational social media posts and hilarious feuds with other boxers.

Briggs was scheduled to face off with Fres Oquendo on June 3rd for the WBA heavyweight title, but last weekend, UK gambling news came out that Shannon had failed an out of competition drug test for elevated testosterone levels.

The news of Shannon Briggs’ failed drug test was a true disappointment, as he had defied all the odds late in his career to earn another title shot at 45 years of age. Incredibly, “the cannon” was entering this fight as the boxing betting favorite according to Paddy Power with odds of 1/4.

What will happen to Briggs now?

The WBA officially confirmed the test failure on their website this Wednesday. As is standard in these situations, Briggs can now request to have his B sample tested as well, although this rarely leads to different results.

The fight is officially canceled, and it seems likely now that the champ Oquendo will take on the next top challenger, most likely number 2 ranked Alexander Ustinov. After Shannon Briggs’ failed drug test, it may be tough for him to secure another big fight. As we mentioned before, he’s 45 years old, and it’s unlikely that any current champions will agree to fight him.

What did you think about Shannon Briggs’ failed drug test? Will he ever manage to fight for a belt again? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and check out GamingZion’s list of online sportsbooks in the UK to find a wide range of different sites offering 2017 boxing betting odds.

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