Only A Crazy Person Would Bet On Rossi To Win In Aragon

Bet on Rossi to win in Aragon

Imagine tomorrow you break your leg in two places and require surgery. How soon will you be back at work? A month? Two perhaps? Well if you’re Valentino Rossi and your job is racing Grand Prix motorcycles the answer is an astonishing 18 days. Yup, that’s right, the nine time world champion got back on a bike less than three weeks after the training accident that saw him hospitalized and did a few laps of the Marco Simoncelli track. But does that mean you should bet on Rossi to win in Aragon at Bet365?

MotoGP World Championship

Valentino Rossi – 66/1
Dani Pedrosa – 66/1
Maverick Vinales – 7/1
Andrea Dovizioso – 16/5
Marc Marquez – 1/3

The accident couldn’t have come at a worse time with the injury seeing him skip the San Marino Grand Prix and not get any points in his pursuit of a tenth title. There are only five races left now and he’s 42 points adrift of the leader, Marc Marquez, with the equally talented Andrea Dovizioso the same margin in front, and sandwiched between, on 183 points, is Maverick Vinales who could easily ruin any bet on Rossi to win in Aragon, if the almost certainly crazy Italian rider actually decides to race this weekend.

I’m not entirely sure what riding a motorcycle with a recently broken leg is like, but I’m willing to wager it isn’t at all pleasant, and despite his hunger for that title you have to wonder if he’ll not have to skip this next race in Spain too. Indeed if you like to bet on sports in Spain at Bet365 a bet on Rossi to win in Aragon is perhaps just a little risky even if he decides to race, there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to get through practice or qualifying, let alone a flat out competitive race on a notoriously quick circuit.

Will Marc Marquez or Maverick Vinales Win At Home In Spain?

Of course whilst a bet on Rossi to win in Aragon has a distinctly romantic feel (what with the nature of wounded beasts tending toward the unpredictable) a lot of the money placed at Bet365 this weekend will be on the other three riders in the chase for the championship, not least of which will be the two sat on 199 points apiece joint title race leaders. Marc Marquez will have home advantage in Aragon but Andrea Dovizioso is a man on a mission and his charge on the title could be unstoppable.

Marc Marquez vs Maverick Vinales

Marquez has won here twice before on the back of MotoGP bike, most saliently last year, and he’ll be looking to repeat that performance, however Andrea Dovizioso has produced some great performances and this year that Honda under Marc hasn’t been as reliable as usual. Any bet on Rossi to win in Aragon has to be made in the knowledge these two will be going at it hammer and tongs from the very start and anyone in Spain gambling news on Monday will be of an Italian winning should be aware it probably won’t be Rossi.

Bet On Rossi To Win In Aragon Despite His Injury At Bet365

Spanish MotoGP 2017

Johan Zarco – 28/1
Danilo Petrucci – 25/1
Jorge Lorenzo – 8/1
Dani Pedrosa – 7/1
Andrea Dovizioso – 5/1
Maverick Vinales – 23/10
Marc Marquez – 10/11

That bet on Rossi to win in Aragon at Bet365 is perhaps then something to avoid, especially with Maverick Vinales in the mix, another Spanish rider who’ll be looking to make an impression on the crowd in the Spanish MotoGp, he gets 23/10 at sites like Bet365 only just slightly behind the favorite, Marc Marquez who garners 10/11 to take the victory streets ahead of Andrea Dovizioso who gets a really quite tasty 5/1 to be top of the podium come the finish. But remember this is MotoGp.

That means Jorge Lorenzo at 8/1 or Dani Pedrosa at 7/1 could easily end up on top in that almost inevitable last lap tussle and be worth a speculative punt at Bet365, and if the weather turns bad Danilo Petrucci at 25/1 or Johan Zarco, a rookie rider in this class, at 28/1 could use their wet race skills to steer them into a sneaky win against the big boys. Spanish gambling laws will allow you then to place that bet on Rossi to win in Aragon, but given the other bets available, you’d have to be as mad as he is.

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