Criminal Groups Launder $140 billion through Sports Betting Activities

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Sports betting used for wrong purposes, as criminal organizations launder $140 billion annually through various gambling schemes.

According to gambling news reports, unlawful gangs are laundering around $140 billion through illegal practices, using online gambling sites as means to do the job.

Many believe that governments should be doing more to prevent such practices from happening, as an effective method to battle match-fixing appears to be missing.

Chris Eaton from Qatar’s International Centre for Sports Security (ICSS), gave insight how the sports betting market is underserved with the proper protection and enforcement. “The rapid evolution of the global sports betting market has seen an increased risk of infiltration by organized crime and money laundering,”

Betting landscaped has changed

Eaton, who previously served as the head of security at FIFA, commands considerable experience in the field of sports betting events.

He says that the betting landscape have changed a great deal over the course of time, as technology has lead the way for diversification. Nowadays, it is far more difficult to spot suspicious mobile betting patterns than it was before.

In recent times, numerous football leagues across Europe have been embroiled in controversy relating to match-fixing scandals. While in 2010, three Pakistani cricketers were sent to prison for trying to manipulate the outcome of a game during a test match against England.

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