Crusader Grandmas Speak Up Against Gambling in Manitoba

Anti-roulette and anti-poker gambling bingo-playing grandmas chase Manitoba authorities.

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Recent actions to legalize online gambling in Manitoba may pass the Canadian gambling laws but not the activist, crusader-like grandmas worried that their dear grandchildren will spend too much money on gambling.

A herd of several grandmas, a few of which are rumored to be avid lottery and bingo players, have voiced their concerns about legal online gambling sites in Canada and, as they claim, inherent evils of placing a bet on a roulette rather than playing bingo with senior citizens.

The abandoned grandmas even attended their town council meetings to voice the strong opposition. Yet, Manitoba, like British Colombia, seeks to license and regulate the casino sites in the province. This is an attempt to protect the players from some of the parasitic and illegal betting dens, while bringing taxation into local coffers.

Moreover, the regulators know that the players go to gamble online whether Manitoba likes it or not. So, the conclusion is that it’s better to keep them at home by allowing Internet wagering. Yet, the anti-gambling letters keep on arriving, wasting government workers’ time with their moralistic citations coming from the mouth of bingo grandmas.

Despite the preaching grandmothers, their grandchildren still continue to play online casinos in Canada. Truth is, youngsters don’t like bingo that much. Evil poker or blackjack are more fun.

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